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Today I would like to review some new product here. Its a hair growth, hair-fall control formula. It is Shahnaz Husain Hair Health Capsule. I got this when I saw on a on-line shopping site and thought of trying this.

I feel that long hair is an integral part of Indian woman’s appearance. Also, as per Hindu tradition wearing flowers on your long hair is considered as auspicious and beauty.

Though maintaining long hair needs care and patience, all the old fashion has come back again. I see many girls around me (in Hyderabad) are back to this fashion.
Shahnaz Husain Hair Health Capsule Review+care hair


Well, I am always in search of these kind of products which are good for hair growth. Also, as the Shahnaz Husain is a well known brand,and since it is and Ayurvedic this, made me to risk this product.


About Shahnaz Husain Hair Health Capsule:-

The formulation has precious herbs and medicinal properties that act as a tonic, strengthening the roots and improving blood circulation to the hair follicles. It contains organic ingredients, known since ancient times to calm the nerves and induce relaxation. They help to check hair loss and promote thick, healthy, lustrous hair.

Cost: Rs.100/-

Ingredients:  Triphala, Neem, Shankpushpi, Methi, Pathra, Hibiscus Flower, Nimbu Pulp, Thyme, Brahmi, Lavendar Flower.Instructions to use:
As per instructions, the capsule has to be taken every alternate day after you consume your food.
Only one capsule has to be taken.
Total capsules in the container: 60, so it easily comes for 2 months.
Shahnaz Husain Hair Health Capsule Review Details+hair products



  • The capsules are enclosed in an air tight cover pack.
  • Need to mention, the capsule smells like Henna. I used to feel this whenever, i opened the container, i used to get the smell. So people who doesn’t like such smell may not be able to swallow this.
  • No special side affects after the capsule consumption.
  • No special information is available on it , whether we can use it on pregnancy time/ menses time.


  • Though I didn’t see much good results with this, can say somehow 25% of my hair-fall have been reduced.
  • I didn’t notice any hair-growth as it claimed. But yes, it reduced my hair-fall for only some extent.


Shahnaz Husain Hair Health Capsule Review package+hair care products

Shahnaz Husain Hair Health Capsules+hairproducts


What I like about Shahnaz Husain Hair Health Capsule ?


  • Travel friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily available on-line
  • Easily used
  • Ayurvedic composition


What I don’t like about Shahnaz Husain Hair Health Capsule ?


  • Smell,
  • Not much results observed
  • No special instructions for usage (pregnancy time/in periods time)

Rate: 2.5/5


Will you repurchase Shahnaz Husain Hair Health Capsule?

You can give a try for once to know whether it works on you or not, but for re-purchase, I say No. As I expected more from this product, and it didn’t reach to my expectations i feel like not to purchase this again.

I am going to try Shahnaz Husain Sha Care Hair Treatment Powder  next and hopefully get to see better result 🙂



Have you tried Shahnaz Husain Hair Health Capsule ?



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  1. Hey nice review, but since we need to take only one capsule every alternate day and the pack contains 60 capsules, wont the entire pack last for 4 months? 🙂 If so, then its really budget friendly!

  2. It is really cheap and moreover it is a herbal product so that means no side effects, maybe the ingredients can do something good to our hairs in one way or the other.

  3. I haven’t tried this one. But i have started using vitamin capsules which are suppose to be good for your hair and nails. Recently started so can’t tell exactly how much useful it is. These are rich in biotin which is necessary for healthy hair. I am a little skeptical about using an Ayurvedic capsule.

  4. I moved to Bangalore from Mumbai few mnths back …… had a lot of hairfall due to water change + dieting cum starving…..
    U should try Keraglo Eva ….. I took it after checking with a Dermatologist …. It is a plant based multivitamin for hair….It is superb does help hair & nails too. This is an over the counter medication doesnt require a prescription but do check with a doc.
    I add fruits veggies sprouts eggwhites to my diet +Keraglo Eva + Indulekha hair oil (cold pressed oil from Kerala) it is available in Bangalore at most chemist shops not sure about other cities , this combo has helped my hair 🙂

    • Indulekha oil hasn’t worked for me at all. Infact it has given me white strands. it took me a lot of effort to get rid of it. very controversial and deceiving product and has been banned in some places. Biotin has helped me a lot. 🙂

  5. I’ve found that methi powder (preferably organic) mixed with yogurt and with a few drops oil added to the mix (like rosemary/sweet almond/castor) gives good results as far as halting hairfall is concerned. Rosemary oil is really good for hair growth and scalp issues as well.

  6. Hii Jaanu – Nice Review dear 🙂

    60 Capsules for 4 months at Rs 100 not bad.

    Besides how many months we shld take it to see the results?? Anything mentioned on the pack??

  7. Nothing mentioned on it Sushmita.. i was using it since 2 months, some more capsules left out. I didn’t find much result but seems like it reduced my hair fall. Thats it 🙂

    Btwn thanks all for your comments. They meant a lot for me,as this was my first review.

  8. Sorry but after reading your review and comments I got this strong urge to correct you . When priscription says one capsule twice a day it doesn’t mean that you have to take every alternate day, but it means two times a day you have to take one capsule. It means twi capsules per day. So this product will last one month not two or four months.


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