SHAHNAZ HUSAIN- Oxygen Skin Treatment Cream review

 By Harsha

About SHAHNAZ HUSAIN- Oxygen Skin Treatment Cream :-

Oxygen cream is mildly antiseptic, protecting the skin from acne, pimples, spots and rashes. Regulates skin which deviates from the norm during adolescence, it also tones, cleanses and gives fresh, radiant skin in an instant.
Ingredients– Babchi ext, Amar Bael ext, Durba ext, Ankurit Gehu ext, Jaitun Tel, Gulab Pushp Ark, Base Q.S to make it 100%.
Price Rs. 275.00 for 50g.
My experience with the product-


Shahnaz Husainâs products are a brand in itself. I have grown watching her products, using some of them, constantly seeing at parlors and hearing about them. In delhi first time I came across Shahnaz Husain store with her complete range of products. She has a huge range of products which seriously confuses me like anything as what to buy and what not.This time I took help of the store girl and to be frank I was not looking for a very costly product. So this Oxygen treatment cream caught my attention and is meant for my skin type for moisturizing and maintaining it.

You have to take small quantity of the cream as it tends to spread easily. I applied this in evening and left it overnight and in the morning I saw that my skin was developing acne and it felt oily too. But still I continued using it for few more days, may be it can work but at last I had to stop and  thought my money was wasted .
The next when I visited her store again.
I complained the store girl she was not the one when I purchased it, that this cream is not suiting my skin and I am having problems then she suggested me don’t use it that ways, use it once or twice a week that is after washing your face take a little in hand and keep some water aside and in between take some water as needed and massage it for 10-15 mins and wash off..  procedure is like way the facial is done I said let me try that also. Now I used it as above and I instantly found my skin clean, clear and glowing which we can use as instant facial type whenever required. But yeah one thing after this also after an hour or so my skin felt again oily.

Cons of the product-SHAHNAZ HUSAIN- Oxygen Skin Treatment Cream :-

  • I was very disappointed that what the product claims it does not deliver it at all.
  • You cannot use it as a normal cream like I did first because it leads to more oiliness leading to acne but after using it as facial method it shows nice result.
  • I dont think this product is a must buy and you want some thing working as facial then there are many products to try in market which are actually meant for it.
  • The product in instructions does not mention the second method and it says to use it as a day and night cream.
  • I didnt found it too helpful in acne and pimples problem.

Worth a buy:-For me its certainly not a worth.


Have You Tried SHAHNAZ HUSAIN- Oxygen Skin Treatment Cream ?



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  1. I personally feel SH products are over-hyped. I am yet to hear of anyone having a good experience with her products.

  2. Tanz some of her products like Night creams and packs are effective as head but not experienced .But now after your comment i have to recheck ..

  3. yes tanveer u r absolutely correct.. i have used lot shahnaz products from face cleanser to hair oil, hair tonic, scrubs, creams etc…… bt none of them were worth its money and the name.. the only thing i liked was its kajal tht too because its herbal… and its lip glosses.

  4. U know Harsha I heard there night cream is good for dry of my friend told me that and even there dry face packs..have u used them??


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