Shahnaz Husain Shaglow Intensive Moisture For Dry, Dehydrated Skin Review


Shahnaz Husain Shaglow Moisturiser 


I have been on medication since last 6-7 months and with in this time period, my skin started needing  more hydration as  it felt dry and stretchy most  of the time. I was using Lush skin drink moisturiser before this, which is one of the famous lush products for dry skin. I read few of its reviews and found that most women required just once a day of application and their skin felt hydrated, soft and smooth through out the day. With me the case was different as I was using it twice a day otherwise by evening my skin used to  feel dry again.


Shahnaz Husain Shaglow Intensive Moisture For Dry, Dehydrated Skin Review



Shahnaz Husain Shaglow Moisture which claimed

A highly effective natural moisturizer for dull, dry, dehydrated skins. Rehydrates the skin, improving and softening skin texture. It also helps to protect the skin from the drying effect of sun-exposure, slowing down the visible signs of ageing and enhancing the natural beauty of the skin.

Ingredients of Shahnaz Husain Shaglow Intensive Moisture

Honey, Indian madder and Sandalwood.
Shahnaz hussain sha glow moisturiser ingredients+best moisturiser for dry skin

How To Use The Dry Skin Moisturiser

Apply after cleansing. Combine with SHABASE and apply on face and neck. Leave on.
  • Price – I found it the cheapest at in INR 425 for 40 gm .On Snap deal and other sites it was above INR 450

My experience with Shahnaz Husain Shaglow Intensive Moisture

It is a thick pink cream which gets absorbed into the skin with in few seconds. I have to be careful while using it as a bit of the product goes long way. I just put a dab on the finger tip and pat gently onto the clean skin. Initially my skin found it thick  but later on it got used to of it. It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day .
Shahnaz hussain dry skin moisturiser reviews+best lotion for dry skin +best facial moisturiser for dry skin
There were a few peculiar things which I noticed while using the dry skin moisturiser 
1) Sometimes it’s too hot and humid, my skin felt greasy after applying it but after 3-4 minutes it settled down well.
2)It goes really well with my foundation and almost gives me a dewy look.
The icy green jar looks big but inside it there is just small quantity of  product. Thanks to the thick consistency, I have managed to complete just half of it in one month. It has this rose fragrance which I am not too fond of but after getting absorbed into the skin, I don’t find it irritating either.

What I like about Shahnaz Husain Shaglow Intensive Moisture :-

  • Suits super dehydrated skin .
  • 40 gms of products lasts for two months.
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Keeps skin soft and smooth and makes it look bright.
Shahnaz Husain r Dry, Dehydrated Skin moisturiser Review

What I do not like about Shahnaz Husain Shaglow Intensive Moisture:-

  • Once I lathered the product heavily on my skin before going to sleep thinking of super soft hydrated skin 😀  and there popped up a big zit  next day  so one has to be careful while using it.
  • No SPF
  • Little expensive
Will I recommend it to others – If you have super de-hydrated skin then it might work for you.Those who have oily or combination oily skin  should stay away.Also, there are girls who have dry skin  along with that they also suffer from pimples, for them I don’t think so it will work.Its will suit well the girls with mature skin or those who are on medication and suffer from extreme skin dryness.
Wise She Rating – 3.5/5

Have you tried Shahnaz Husain Shaglow Intensive Moisture For Dry Skin ?

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  1. my mom has super duper dry skin.. i think i get dis for her.. m preparing a vanity for her to gift on deir anniversary :yippee: :yippee: thankies dear :hug-makeup:
    n me toh stay 1000 miles away frm dis 😛

  2. OMG! that is why i am scared of moisturisers..i don apply moisturiser with the fear of those pop outs!
    Me not trying any stunt on my skin atleast till more 6mths! 😛

  3. Anamika it looks like strawberry cream and i m one of those with dry sensitive cream and its not for me my skin broke out after using cetaphyl lotion can u beat that .

  4. I have extremely dry skin ever since I had the baby..I have used so many moisturizers without any use…should try this one..luks pretty gud..I am currently using the VLCC honey moisturizer which is fairly ok

  5. this reminded me of strawberries…i was expecting a normal white cream! 🙂 i think this is a perfect winter solution for our kkinda skin…will note it down 🙂

  6. Ana i use shaclove .. gr8 for pimple prone skin :yes: the amount to be used is very less,n for the price we pay the products r definitely worth a try 🙂


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