Shamita Shetty Fitness Regime

Shamita Shetty hasn’t signed a single film. She is, instead, concentrating on her new role in the production company that her sister, actor Shilpa Shetty, has started. “We don’t really have a designation in the production company. We are just understanding what a production company takes to get things rolling,” she says. So yes, she is busy but that hasn’t stopped her from gyming regularly.
After all, six days in the gym, located on the sixth floor of her building, is what gives her a super-toned body. And she sportingly agrees to share her secrets of getting into shape. But before that, she has some pointers:


  1. She is definitely taking the warm up to endurance exercise level. A warm-up should never be more than 15 minutes for an otherwise healthy individual. Not that it might hurt but it's just incorrect use. She definitely has a great bod though and got to give it to heron the work outs. Thanks for sharing dear! 🙂

  2. Ohh that is new for me Tamanna but many people just do the treadmill and cycling and stay in good shape…will find it out from the gym instructor today..Thanks for passing by.


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