Shanaz Forever Range Photos And Prices


I got Shanaz forever shampoo for dry and damaged hair recently and found this range quite affordable.This range has been specially created as a mid-segment brand, to provide complete beauty care at affordable prices

These are few of the products which I got to see so thought of sharing with you friends.

Shanaz forever Moisturiser ((Price Rs 75 for 50 gm and Rs125 for 100gm)-

A delicate blend of pure plant extracts, this light textured formulation helps to remove dryness, rehydrate the skin and protect it from moisture depletion. Easily absorbed, it contains natural moisturizers and skin softeners like aloe vera, honey, rose along with natto gum, a powerful antioxidant. Helps to maintain and restore the skin’s youthful qualities, leaving it soft, smooth and radiant.

Shanaz forver Moisturiser

Shanaz Forever Neem Face Wash Rs 90-

A gentle and refreshing face wash gel, for routine cleansing of the skin. It contains extracts of neem along with other useful ingredients. Removes impurities without disturbing the moisture balance, thus protecting the skin and leaving it clean and fresh.


Shanaz forever neem face wash

Shahnaz forever Sunscreen SPF-15(Price Rs 130)

With dual action benefits, the formulation provides ideal sun-protection and also moisturizes the skin. Containing natural re-hydrants and sun filters, it provides broad spectrum protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Soothes the skin and helps to maintain the optimum moisture level. Easily absorbed, it forms an ideal transparent protective cover, leaving the skin healthy and radiant, with an even color tone. With SPF-15, it is suitable for all skin types.


Shahnaz Forever Body lotion (All skin types ) Rs 100

Enriched with honey and pure plant extracts, this flexible body lotion has been specially formulated to pamper and nurture the skin, relieving dryness and protecting it from moisture loss. Honey provides a surge of natural moisture, while cucumber and rose tone and nourish the skin, leaving it satin soft, silky smooth and delicately perfumed. Easily absorbed, it is ideal for daily body care.


Shahnaz Forever Mud Mask (Price Rs 230 for 150gm and 150 for 75gm)

A highly effective face mask for dull skin, it helps to nourish, tone and tighten the skin. Containing natural Gum Arabic, it keeps the skin healthy, thus maintaining its youthful qualities and leaving it soft, smooth and radiant.

There were many other things from the same range such as

Shanaz forver hair conditioner for Rs 90

Shanaz forever hair oil for Rs 75

Shanaz forever nourishing cream for Rs 95

Shanaz forever apricot scrub for Rs 150

Shanaz forever peel off mask Rs 125 for 75gm

Shanaz forever refreshing toner Rs 90 for 100ml

Sunscreen SPF 30 for Rs 150

Shanaz forever Shampoo for normal hair Rs 65


I just got the shampoo for myself and I am finding it good after two washes though I will use it for 15-20 times and then share my views with you people.

Have you used any of the product from this range if yes then please so share your experience 🙂


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  1. shehnaz hussain packs are so unattractive they never made me to buy any. i think she should remove her pic from the pach and put some handsome cute man’s pic instead :shy: :shy: :shy: :shy: :inlove: :inlove:

  2. Few of my friends are die heart fans of Shehnaz products…they are very happy be it face packs or shampoos and recently they are raving about her sunscreen range..

      • Is it? I had really bad experience with Sunscreen 🙁
        It does it job very well I must say. But it melts in sun yaar, anyone can guess that u have applied something on ur face, n it’s so embarrassing. The texture of the sunscreen is also so thick, it’s simply lying in my shelf n me back to my lotus sunblock 🙂 Shahnaz’s sunscreen is good to use only on legs if they r covered 😉

  3. hey, i too have explored this range….do u remember i went to surajkund mela (wrote article for wiseshe too) there this forever range was selling like hot cakes in the offer “Bye 1, get 1 free”
    bt i didn’t bought any…may be due to crowd :yawn: :yawn:

  4. Are you sure that was original Shehnaz 😛 (Jus read meenus article :evilgrin: ) But seriously not sure if they offer 1+1 on this range , ya some discounts are possible…

  5. I have used Orange peel off, shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo n peel off were ok for me. Peel off is so hard that I got scared that it will peel my skin now o wat 😀
    But the conditioner is awesome, 5 stars for it. Have been using this conditioner now since 7-8 months. My hair were totally ruined coz of the hard water in bangalore, so when i was back to pune, i started hunt on good conditioner. Along with other herbal remedies like henna, aloe vera n this conditioner, my hair became soft again. I will stick to this one till I find something better than this. Agree Shahnaz’s products packagings are damn bore but if product is good, can ignore it 🙂

    • me too…
      5-6 yrs ago, i used Shahnaz hussains Fair one…but i didn’t became ‘fair’ 😕
      moreover it was sooo greasy cream, gave me acne instead :pissedoff:
      after that i hardly turned back to her…but now anamika is really impressed with her eyeliners…..even i’m thinking to try it..

  6. rashmi got it and she was praising it..even one more reader loved it..i hope u love it too 🙂

    but there mascara and all is not that rgeat..i want to try their lippi to..they claim it to be herbal 😎 😎 😎

  7. nice review ! btw i thought shahnaaz range is quite expensive like shamoist and oxygen mask etc but how how come they are so sooooo cheap …

  8. hey anamika ..need help ….have you used these shehnaz hussain produts ??
    because my facial skin is combination and sensitive …so does shehnaz hussain produts good for my skin ?? means “moisture ans sunscreen ” ??

  9. HI, I want to buy “Shanaz forever Shampoo for normal hair Rs 65” please tell me where will I find it in Pune.

    I have been searching for it but couldn’t find it. Please help.

    Thanks in advance,


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