Shanaz Husain sharose date enriched skin toner review


Herbal Sharose Skin Cleaner Rose Skin Tonic (Shahnaz Husain)

 By Mamta, 

My skin has open pores but not all toners suits me in fact they make me skin more dry .This is probably because of my dry sensitive skin  but to keep my pores closed I was desperately looking for a skin toner for myself. After using many of them I have realised that only rose water skin toner suits my dry skin .

First I tried Fab  India rose water skin toner which worked pretty well on my skin and then I moved ahead with shahnaz husain skin toner.

Price of Shahnaz Husain sharose date enriched skin toner is Rs 400 for 200ml .Killing price no ?

What the product claims :-

Date-Enriched Skin Toner: Specially designed to tone and refresh the skin. Helps to remove oil and deep cleanse pores in pimple-prone skin. It also helps to energize and invigorate the skin, making it look clearer and brighter.

Directions to Use: Dab on face with cotton wool. May be used several times during the day. Mixed with SHAGRAIN it forms a powerful deep pore cleanser, dislodging blackheads and minimising scars and blemishes.

What I  liked about the product :-

1. I use this toner twice a day and its helps in keeping my skin mositurized and minimize pores also

2. It works on my dry sensitive skin wonderfully and doesn’t make it dry.

3. No irritating fragrance 

4. It refreshes my skin and my skin feel fresh moment I use it.

5. After using the skin toner I have not experience any kind of breakouts on my skin .

6. I can actually feel that it deep cleanse my pores.

7.Product is 100% herbal

There are some products which instantly soothes your skin and you know that they are working for you. Shahnaz hussain toners is one of that product which my skin completely love.It is little hard to explain for me all I can say that if you have dry skin and no toners suits you then you must try Shahnaz Husain sharose date enriched skin toner.

I have no dislike other then its price but I think it is completely a worth .

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  1. I know Bhumika..but have u tried shahnaz kajal and shahnaz eyeliner..they r one of my fav:)

    some of her product are very very pricey and range crosses above Rs500 and then no one has seen exceptional result leaving behind few naa?

  2. Good review Mamta !

    I can tell you're a shahnaz fan, like me.

    Im running out of my Clinique toner and I have dry skin. So will probably pick this up on my next visit to the store. Needless to say, I love Shehnaz products !

  3. Hi Rupa, how is the Clinque toner.. i so want to know about it.why don't you review the clinique products will be a great help for all of us.

  4. I like the clinique toner, it is part of the three step routine. Well I'm very lazy, hence haven't reviewed anything yet. But let me take a first stab at it. Will send Anamika a review of the Clinique 3 step process, including the toner

  5. Does anyone knows if Shahnaz hussain gold moisturising cream and Moisture enhancer ( that comes along with the gold gel ) serves the same purpose ???
    Is gold moisturising cream different then the moisture enhancer ???
    I have her Gold gel . and the instructions says to apply gel on face followed by
    moisture enhancer and gently run into the skin.
    When i looked into their website and saw d product details of gold moisturising cream ( that comes in a single pot )it says u need to rub the gold moisturising cream on top of the gold gel.

    SO i was wondering if Gold moisturising cream and moisture enhancer ( thats occompanied with gold gel in twin box ) is one and d same……

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