Shaping Eyebrows with MAC STUD Eyebrows Crayon Pour Les Sourcils review

MAC BROW PENCIL – I have thick eyebrows and I never thought of filling my eyebrows or shaping them or something like that.I sometime use to fill them with brown pencil or shape them with aloevera gel .I never came across any beauty blogs talking about eye brow pencils as such.
Few months back during one of my visit to MAC I found this and SA was not that interested in showing me the product.She was of this point of view that people hardly buy this therefore there is no point in showing it to me.She told me that this product is off high demand abroad but Indian girls are not that much into makeup.
I was like “Nooooooooo I am into makeup  , I am going to buy this” and I came back with this.MAC stud eyebrows set comes in black and brown colour .

Price of MAC stud eyebrows crayon is Rs 900  Ooouch !!!

What a fool I am as there was no point buying this when I don’t have thin eyebrows.But now I got it therefore I started using it with my MAC brow set and I actually started noticing the difference.My friend complimented me how my eyebrows always looked so well shaped.

The colour of the brow pencil is neither too dark nor too brown.It exactly matches my brows and I think it is going to easily match all Indian skin tone girls.
This Pencil doesn’t look too harsh and those who have thin eyebrows or recently parlor lady spoiled their eyebrows can use this to fill up their eye brows.

This is how it looks on me.



Likes:-Shaping Eyebrows with MAC STUD Eyebrows Crayon Pour Les Sourcils :-

1. It looks very natural and gives nice shape to my brows.
2. Not too harsh.
3. One pencil lasts for long(atleast 6 months easily)

Dislike :-Shaping Eyebrows with MAC STUD Eyebrows Crayon Pour Les Sourcils :-

1. Price
2. This products doesn’t needs to get sharpened.I only have to twist it.To check how long is the lead I kept twisting and twisting and then I came to know”Oh my God!!! Once you twist I take out the lead, the lead doesn’t go back :((.I lost lot of product because of this.
3. I like to put the cap on the end of the pencil (just like a pen) while im using it so it’s not misplaced but the cap is too skinny to fit on it . I am afraid i will lose it infact I have lost it many times and some how managed to found it again.
  • Wise She Rating – 3.5/5
  • Will I recommend to others – If you have any marks on your eyebrows, sparse or thin eyebrows and wish to have a perfect looking eyebrows then this product can be of your choice.
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