Sharukh Khan Indian or a Non Indian?


Bollywood Super star recently tweeted

“I am half Hyderabadi (mom) half Pathan(Dad), some Kashmiri (grandmom). Born in Delhi, live in Mumbai. Have a punjabi wife and own Kolkata (India Premier League) team. Indian at heart (sic).”

                                          Isn’t Gauri luckiest though she married a muslim?

This became quiet a news and was published in Times of India with a head line Sharukh is an Indian at heart.

I have few things to ask and say too.Every person who is in an Indian is Indian at heart no matter where we live. Isn’t it true?

Why are you specifying that Sharukh  is an Indian at heart? Just because he is a Muslim?Why don’t you ask some Hindu actor for say Sanjay dutt who I am sure is considered Indian at heart though he was caught with a rifel and knew about Mumbai blast before hand?

I am not a Muslim but I believe in equality and its high time we stop discriminating our fellow Muslim Indian.

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  1. Mehak you are so right…we all have religion based problem but atleast media should grow up..
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