Shahnaz Shashine Floral Lip gloss and Vitaminised Lip Therapy review

By Harsha,

Floral Lip Gloss –

What product claims– A rare blend of herbal extracts and emollients such as calamus, cucurma, aromatic, almond, glycyrrhiza, saffron, sandalwood oil, carrot seeds, marigold and other precious herbal ingredients to smoothen and protect lips from chapping and discoloration, thereby improving skin quality. Can be used  alone or on lipstick. A total lip care  programme.
Active Ingredients Sandalwood, Almond, Wild Turmeric and Saffron.
Price Rs. 350.00 each.
My experience with the product-
    I used to search for herbal lip gloss and lipsticks, carrying on my search I happened to visit the website of Shahnaz Husain to have a  look of its product range, because I already had caused damage to my lips using many other lipsticks and lip glosses.
  Through website I came to know the cosmetic range of Shanhaz. I began searching for this lip gloss but could not find it anywhere as this is not available with any retailers. When I was in Delhi I came to know of Shahnaz Husain’s very own store in select city walk.
The floral lip gloss is available in 12 shades. I was looking for a gloss which can give a natural pinkish tone to my lips and as you can see in the above pic the gloss in orange color was the one with pinkish touch though it is orange in color.
  This time I purchased only one to try the product. I began using it in my daily routine in place of lip balm. My lips got the look of natural pink gloss moisturizing it, that too with natural ingredient without drying my lips and lasting longer even if the gloss was gone but the pink color was retained on my lips for long giving it a natural look.
  I seriously stopped worrying about the darkness or any harm to my lips after using this product.
  In the other picture you can see another brown colored lip gloss that I bought on my next visit. This was a shimmer lip gloss and it make look my lips wow. And like any other lip gloss with chemicals this are perfect for daily use giving the same look.

Vitaminised Lip Therapy- 
It claims A unique treatment for the lips that helps to protect and restore soft, natural lip beauty. Enriched with vitamins and emollients, it helps in dark, dry and chapped lips.
  This is another lip product from Shahnaz. This time I visited the shop with concern of treating my dark lips and wanted to continue with some lip therapy with my above lip glosses to attain more benefits.

  I discussed my problem of this dark lips with the store girl and she suggested me this vitaminised lip therapy. You can see the pic above the stick which is having multiple colors.
She advised me to use this every night on lips and continuously for few months in order to get good results. Even I was attracted to the product by its appearance, as somewhere I heard about the color therapy which is used in treating various diseases and problems. This stick has in the pink, brown, orange and white color. The colors also provide vitamins according to their nature. So this lip therapy was perfectly blended.
I started using this product every night, it gave a rich pink color to my lips feeling deeply moisturized. As the days passed I began to see the slight change in my lip color the darkness was slowly lightning.

You have to be patience with the product and continue using it for quite a time to obtain the maximum benefits and both the lip gloss and lip therapy sticks lasts long giving value for your money without any mess. And   comes in a very smart pack.

Cons of the product – 
Only what I felt the missing part was UV protection, it does not provide UV protection so sunscreen is to be applied separately on lips before applying the gloss.
  But yes in case of lip therapy you have to be patient and continue using it.

My Rating 4.5/5


  1. Harsha…..I soooooo want this lip gloss…just waiting and waiting for my trip to Delhi..I tried finding them in Inorbit Hyderabad but couldn't get it..Great reviewThanks:)

  2. Very detailed and nice review Harsha.This was yoru best review and I think Anamika should get this lip balms for all of us 😀

  3. thanks a lot guys :-)… the sadest part is these are not available with any retailers..i am not able to find her store in bangalore…but thinkin to call her store in delhi and ask them the availability in bangalore lets see….

    • hey harsha…..
      my upper lip is v dark and have dark lipline too….do you think this product cn help me…i stay out of delhi so will have to come and find out the product…thts realy time taking…plz suggest…doest it worth ?

  4. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this information. Can you please provide the shop name and address in Delhi where you could find the lip care products of Shahnaz Husain.

    Thanks again.


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