Shea Butter And Its Uses For Indian Skin


Shea Butter And Its Uses For Indian Skin

Don’t have time to follow an intensive skin care routine? But want to achieve flawless glowing skin? Stop fretting! Shea butter is here to help. Shea butter is known as a “miracle ingredient” for its various benefits and uses that tally up to thousands if counted. Indian skin is usually noticed to suffer from some of the most severe environmental attackers such as pollution, UV light and excess heat. Indian skin comes with own needs to nurture it to glow and look healthy. What is Shea butter?

What is Shea butter?



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Shea butter is an extraction of nuts of Shea tree Butyrospermum parkii), it’s grown in the savannah of Western Africa. The ancient Egyptian queens like Cleopatra and Nefertiti who were ethereally beautiful, were believed to owe their legendary beauteousness swore by the usage of Shea butter. Its main components are oleic acid, stearic acid; linoleic acid etc.It can be refined or unrefined forms. Raw or unrefined Shea butter is the purest form of Shea butter, this is the most natural and least processed.

Its vitamins, minerals and natural properties are retained in it as it’s extracted manually. Refined Shea butter is the processed form of butter.What makes Shea butter an astonishing skin care for Indian skin and a great body healer is its richness in precious constituents, it includes unsaturated fats with a large quantity of “unsaponifiables” gears, prime fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E and D, pro vitamin A and allantoin. All these are natural and make it an amazing supplement for Indian skin.

Shea butter benefits for Indian skin are:

  • Moisturizer-Shea butter for Indian skin acts as a great moisturizer due to its contents of natural vitamins and fatty acids. It is widely known as a remedy for its natural oils making it a remedy for Indian dry skinned people.


  • Sun Protection-Shea butter acts as natural sunscreen for Indian skin by providing protection against ultraviolet radiations radiated by the sun.


  • Healing agent-Shea butter is widely used as a base in medical ointments due to its anti inflammatory properties. How does it help? Well, Shea butter aids for the treatment of scars, eczema, blemishes, skin discolorations, chapped lips, stretch marks, dark spots and in reducing the irritation caused by psoriasis. Because of its high content of Vitamin A, it is useful in promoting healing and infections, soothes allergies in the skin like poison ivy and insect bites. The presence of Vitamin F in Shea butter acts as a rejuvenator for soothing and healing rough and chapped skin.


  • Anti ageing benefits-Shea butter stimulates collagen production which is the essential protein in the Indian skin. The vitamins A and E in it keep the skin soft, nourished and radiant and avoids premature wrinkles and facial lines.


            Lip Care-

shea-butter for chapped lips



Shea butter is easily absorbed by the skin and provides extra moisture and nutrients that the body needs. It acts as a prefect lip balm and treats dry and chapped lips which are often caused due to cold and dry weathers.

  • Prevent s Wrinkles-Regular application of high quality Shea butter will reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles on Indian skin.
  • Restores skin elasticity-Shea butter is loaded with Vitamin F which is essential for skin elasticity. It helps in maintaining an even skin tone along with hydration.
  • Anti inflammatory properties- Shea butter has many anti-inflammatory agents, IT includes derivatives of cinnamic acid. It is said to possess anti tumor promoting compounds.
  • Fade stretch marks-Shea butter is loaded with vitamins and healing agents which help in fading stretch marks on Indian skin.
  • Repair cracked heels and troublesome cuticles-For people who suffer from painful cracked heels and dry cuticles Shea butter solves the problem. Apply it in the cracked areas before going to bed and slip into cotton socks in the nights.
  • shea butter for cracked healsfoot-scrub

However please make a note of this: If you have an oily skin, use little amount of Shea butter. Avoid using it on nose and eyes. Alike, many intensive moisturizers Shea butter also tends to clog the skin pores if generously applied.

Delighted to know the uses Shea Butter has on your skin. Now also explore how you can,

Make your own Shea butter lotion at home.

Ingredients Needed:
Shea Butter
Lemon Fragrance Oil (Optional)
Distilled Water
Almond oil
Vitamin E Capsule
Iced Water


Take 6 oz Shea butter which is natural and has not been refined and add 2 inches of distilled water in a pan and put it on the gas on low flame. (You have to use double boiler for it)
Slowly Shea butter will start melting. Add vitamin E capsules and fragrance oil into it.
Make sure that the mixture is 4 oz in quantity and add 1tsp corn starch into the mixture.
Put ice chilled water in a big bowl .Take off the bowl which you had earlier put on the pot and keep it in the larger bowl, on the top of iced water. Do it carefully so that water does not get mixed into the Shea butter mixture.
With the help of a blender blend the mixture thoroughly. Let the mixture get cool and thick.
When the mixture appears like whipped cream stop blending. Now take out the Shea butter into a steel container and store the mixture in a bottle and refrigerate it. This mixture lasts for months.

Other than preparing your own Shea butter you can opt from the plenty of products in the market, one that seems daunting to provide glow to your Indian skin. Whether your skin is dry, cracked, and red or reacted to any allergy, using Shea butter is most definitely suggested. It has most of the healing properties which will nourish the Indian skin and provide a healthy beaming glow in the long run. Do not forget to use this miraculous saviour-Shea butter for all Indian skinned beauties.

Get ready to look gorgeous trying this wondrous Shea butter!!






  1. i have been using shea butter soaps and sugar scrubs(ordered online from a very good handmade soap shop) for a long time not knowing its so many good properties…i can say that she butter really makes my skin soft whether i use it in form of soap or scrub…..

  2. Hi girl!
    Informative article. I’m total impressed 😀 and wish to buy shea butter. Can you please tell me from where to buy? I’m from Kolkata.

  3. I also forgot to mention that our Shea butter is the East African Shea butter which is
    Higher in olein content. This healps in healing and has a higher therapeutic property.

  4. Shea butter has helped my acne scars considerably . Remember to use only pure unrefined Shea butter . I ordered mine from EBay !


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