Sheer Body white lily lotion for body (Product review and Thanks Poornima)


                                Sheer body white lily body lotion fragranced sheer body moisturizer

I carried this body lotion while coming to Delhi and I am glad I did.I have never heard of this brand but now I know why Poornima choose this as a giveaway.This is a real nice product to be used while you are traveling.The temperature in Delhi is getting cold but my skin still doesn’t feel dry therefore this products suits me perfectly.

The reason is that it gives me cool feeling, soothes my skin and the texture is not greasy.I guess this is a great travel product to be used by oily skin people in summer or spring season.

I have completed the whole tube  with in seven days as I loved applying it so much

This is actually a sheer body lotion which makes oily skin go ga ga and I am really fond of its fragrance too.Only thing is that if you fall in love with it like me then you might end up finishing it in five days only.

Thanks Poornima.

Hope you hold more of giveaways like this

Lots of love

Your neighbourhood friend


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  1. Hey…
    You posted a review for this and I am so happy that you liked it Anamika. You know fragrances are such a personal choice and I was really worried if it would be of your liking..even the one I sent to Rentu. There is also another called "Coconut and Lime" which I did not like much, but was loved by my mom. So she took it..haha

    As you said, the best part of this is that it is a very very light lotion.


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