Debutante designer Shehla Khan has introduced her exquisite Summer 2012 collection, which is a riot of beautiful pastel shades and beautifully cut garments to flatter the feminine form.

The whole concept behind the collection is spring and looks very soft, elegant and dreamy, it’s inspired by a love for all things sweet and luxurious .This comes across in the fabrics, colors and embroideries. Shehla has always been deeply inspired and fascinated by the style and life of Mary Antoinette , the French queen who loved life and lived to the very optimum and has tried to bring it forward in her Spring Summer collection.

Shehla Khan spring collection

The trends seen in Shehla’s collection are pastels, classic cut dresses and silhouettes which are more comfortable and free flowing. Her Indian garments have been inspired by classic old school embroideries such as shadow work, chikan kari and badla to name a few.

The collection comprising of all pastel shades and is essentially divided into two colour schemes whites and nudes. The white line is tone on tone and consists of shorts and corsets for a casual summer feel. The nude line has dull gold embellishment and satin pleating by way of detailing.

 spring collection

“The collection is easy, very wearer friendly, classic, certainly hip but with a twist. The designing elements incorporated in this line emphasize up to date chic. I have merged a mélange of different schools of design to create an idiosyncratic fashion look,” explains Shehla.

Shehla’s pick for the hottest trend for the summer season is pastel shades and easy cuts that flatter the body and let one breathe as opposed to  compressed tight fits. As Shehla says, “Pastel colors are easier to wear by people of different skin tones.  Since we specialize in all kinds of embroideries and have the advantage of international trends season ahead and that’s the usp of my garments I feel the season calls for more subdued tones. Also, since its summer, pastels are most commonly worn at this time through the day, evening and even on occasions.”

When it comes to fabrics, Shehla believes it plays a huge role in creating a collection that is meant to be classic. According to her the trend for this season in terms of fabric will be soft and supple fabrics as well as lots of sheer fabric. Swiss tulle, French lace, Italian chiffon, Indian silks are some of the fabrics used by Shehla in her collection.  As Shehla points out, “Exquisite quality of embroideries which are internationally reclaimed and fabrics imported from all over the world is definitely the USP of my label.”

sonam kapoor designer wear

About Shehla Khan

Shehla received her formal education in design from the prestigious London College of Fashion, followed with a 1 year course in SNDT, Mumbai and finished with a masters in styling from the Instituto Marangoni in Milan.

Shehla ‘s father the proprietor of Saks India has been part of the embroidery business for the past 25 years and has worked with some of the highest, most reputed names in the international fashion world such as Escada, Elie Saab, Valentino to name a few. Having had the opportunity to meet a few of these designers personally and being exposed to each of their sensibilities and aesthetic senses, it provided to be a great source of inspiration for Shehla.  After travelling with Italian designer Giuseppe Daegatano who’s worked with names like Gucci and Roberto Cavalli, Shehla finally decided to start her own collection.


  1. Love what shez wearin in the 1st pic…very elegant n girly :inlove: Me love pastels! But why Marie Antoinette of all ppl?? Is she the 1 who asked the peasants to “eat cake” when they complained of no bread to feed themselves??? :struggle:

    • LOl! Really/? Somehow that’s the 1st thing that springs to mind when u hear her name :rotfl: And apparently our history textbooks have got it all wrong :-/

  2. i liked all the three dresses… loved Shehla’s casual girly one the most..

    Sonam looks stunning & classy in this outfit…


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