Shahnaz products which I am loving nowadays

I have been using ShehnazKajal since five six years.Last 4-5 months I switched to Lotus Kajal and now I bought back Shehnaz Kajal again.With this I got Shehnaz eye liner too which I don’t know why I got.Because I was interested in buying Shehnaz lip glosses and ended up buying this and no Store assustant provoked me too for it.
Its been 4-5 days and I am quiet enjoying both my products.This eyeliner has camphor and castor oil in it.The moment I opened it,  camphor smell made me fall for the eyeliner.Will review it after a while after I try every thing possible with  both these products:)



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  1. Ohh.. SH is now into makeup (liners & glosses), I didn't know that. Looking forward to your liner review 🙂

  2. Harsha told me that her tinted glosses are great and leaves behind a pink color tint.but i didnt get that so landed up buying this..


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