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Oh…I remember those days when I had to plead for a nail polish remover. The logic is, why apply if you have to remove it? When I was in school, I have used blades ( 😮 ), scraping by nails and plain acetone (I think) to remove the polish. Buying a remover was a luxury and something which I assumed wouldn’t evolve. But this world has its own charm isn’t it?


Shengji nail polish remover wipes review+fingernail polish remover+remover pads
Nail polish removers evolved from the cotton dipped bottles > wipes > Colorbar/Bourjois’s remover sponge and now you even have cotton buds dipped in remover. Sometimes, boggles the mind!
When the wipes was a new concept to me, I was holidaying in Delhi and checking WS posts. I remember Ana & Zee’s eBay haul – 6 wipes boxes for Rs.199 and the frenzy around it. I wanted one too…Ana & Zee always tempting us eh??
I saw this with a roadside vendor at Sarojini market and asked him for the price, he said Rs.30. I grabbed it


Shengji Nail Polish Remover (there’s some Chinese on it, I don’t know else it says)


Shengji nail polish remover wipes+nail polish remover


It has 45 wipes that are thin, oily and work very well. I’ll tell you why. The wipes are so thin, I wondered if I have to use 4-5 wipes per hand/foot for removal. No, one takes care of all my 10 toes and about 10 fingers if it’s a light color. You will need another one if it’s a darker shade. This time, I had red on my toes and nude on finger. One wipe cleaned the hand and foot set. Isn’t that the coolest thing?


Shengji nail polish remover wipe+nail polish removers

If you ever find this brand, grab it immediately. They are worth the money you pay and certainly do a good job. I’d look at all the roadside vendors of accessories for this one. Not sure if we get this in stores.
The one negative point is, my nails have a filmy layer on top and have to be washed with soap and water. Do that and apply a hand cream and you are set.


Shengji nail polish remover wipe used+polish remover

I also bought one from Hip Hop wipes around the same time. They are pretty fancy, oily, and thicker and come with a cute, white tong to pick the wipes. For all the snazzy packaging, it doesn’t do such a great job. I like the Shengji ones much better. Don’t miss it.


Have you tried Shengji Nail Polish Remover?

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  1. And V still say CHINA ka maal hai.. Where the fact remains that this Chinese n Korean stuff r so so Good dan our hi end stuff here..Great review Vaish! v get nail polish removers from a korean brand similar to this but diff brand name… Nice Discovery! :yes: :-))

  2. OMG BLADE…Vaishnavi..u crazy kid…i used to apply more nailpolish and then wipe off with cotton..used to work… it innovation…..but this looks really really good..

  3. i agree with zara, hip hop wipes are to be rubbed hard , but these ones looks great and so affordable and 45 wipes :yes: :yes:


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