Shifting home in an organized way


Since the time all the MNC’s have entered into India, people from small towns and different cities are joining them. Gone are the days when one joined a company and would spend his whole life time into it. Switching job every couple of years is a common phenomenon. Due to this most young people stay on rent in metro cities.

Generally bachelors, be it men or women, do not keep much luggage with them. Shifting for them is easy and manageable. But if a married person has to shift then it becomes quite a cumbersome task.
Below here is a comprehensive list of things which can help one while shifting base-
1. Whenever you have to shift your place make a list of all the things available in different rooms separately. There should be a kitchen list, a living room list and a bedroom list etc.

2. Collect the things written in the list room wise.

3. All fragile things such as cutlery, vase etc should be packed in newspaper.

4. Different size cartons can be bought from a general store or an electric store. Make sure cartons bought are not old and are of good quality.

5. Pack all the items in the carton and seal it with a cello tape. Whatever has been put in the carton should be mentioned in the carton itself by a black marker. Later on this helps in remembering whether all the things have been taken or not and things can be set up easily while un-packing.

6. Books, magazines and other small things should be stored in a small carton. Light weight things but big in size should be packed in slightly bigger box. Heavy weight stuff such as quilt, pillows, and lamp shade should be packed in large boxes.

7. Don’t forget to count your cartons after packing and mark them in numbers. This will help when luggage is taken out from the truck.

8. Kitchen stuff such as utensils and crockery should be packed with more care. They should be kept separately and person carrying the luggage should be told about it.

9. Wrap crockery with 3-4 newspaper and make a bundle of it in one side of carton. This will lessen their chances of breaking it.

10. Things like sofa should be covered with an old bed sheet so that it doesn’t get spoiled and dust doesn’t enter into the sofa.

11. Don’t ever leave empty space in any cartons or boxes. This leads to damaging of items.

12. While packing of clothes, use good quality wrapping material before packing those.

13. Make sure all spices cans are closed and will not leak. When in doubt, seal with tape.

14. Don’t forget to empty your fridge one day before of shifting.

15. Unpack plant as soon as you arrive in your new home. You can pack them in black plastic bag and keep them in a cool area.


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