Shikakai Soaps In India : Benefits & Availability


Shikakai Soaps In India : Benefits & Availability

I am sure many of you have known Shikakai as a staple ingredient which was widely used by our mothers & grandmothers for cleaning the scalp in the most natural way. As the homemade DIY were more popular back then, Shikakai found place in almost every household when we were kids. Even till today many of us still believe in the extraordinary replenishing power of this herb in maintaining the   hair locks and make them strong and longer.

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Nowadays due to the busy lifestyle and lack of ample time to indulge in the DIY luxuries, most women opt for the chemical shampoos rather than the homemade preparations like the paste of shikakai, amla, etc for cleaning the scalp.

I being one of those people who hardly take out time to apply a homemade hair mask unless my hair literally behaves abnormal. :-p

Well, Shikakai is scientifically known as Acacia Concinna is basically a shrub which is commonly used as a hair cleanser since generations. It is known to highly rich in vitamins A, vitamin C,vitamin K, vitamin E etc. It is known to promote hair growth by providing strength to the hair follicles and nourishing the scalp which in turns increases the hair growth.

Shikakai benefits & uses

Earlier shikakai plant which resembles the tamarind plant was soaked in hot water in an iron utensil along with amla to keep it overnight which was later used to give a wash to the scalp.Later on as the technological advancements were made, shikakai was widely used for making herbal hair powder which could be used by a large number of people as using a powder was much more easy. Now the latest and the most handy way to use Shikakai is in the form of handmade or industry made soaps which has shikakai as an active ingredient along with other important herbs like amla, reetha, henna etc.

wipro shikakai soap

A soap is surely a much easier option than the powder or the plant as one doesn’t needs to keep the paste for a night and can be used at any time as per convenience. Also nowadays there are hair care products which are all loaded with harsh chemicals which adversely affect the natural texture and shine of the hair and result in abnormal hair fall or even pre-mature hair greying. In this regard a soap with Skhikai is a great option for people to take care of the hair in a natural and healthy way.

soulflower shikakai soup

I am listing out some of the benefits of using a Shikakai Soap as follows-

  • Shikakai soap is mostly prepared in many small scale industries and are mostly handmade which calls for the presence of only herbal ingredients in it.
  • Washing your hair with a natural ingredient has long term benefits and hair fall and greying issues don’t usually arise so early in life.
  • Shikakai is enriched with several nutrients which effectively promote hair growth.
  • Shikakai soap makes sure to keep dandruff far away.
  • It retains the natural moisture in the hair and prevent them from drying out unlike the shampoo products which are just chemical preparations.
  • If you regularly wash your hair with shikakai soap and oil your hair often, you don’t need to use hair conditioner separately as it keeps the hair tangled and soft.
  • Since it is natural and anti-septic in nature it keeps hair lice away naturally.
  • Those who have oily scalp can also use this shikakai soap as it makes the scalp clean and leaves no dirt or grime without drying out the scalp.
  • Natural shikakai has a strong smell which may be an issue for many people, but the shikakai soaps have bearable fragrance and don’t bother sensitive noses.

carmino herbal shikakai soap

Avaialbility- Although these Shikakai soaps are so good for the hair, there are only a few number of reputed brands who offer Shikakai soaps due to the lack of proper marketing in many parts of the country.

The ones I an aware are-

  • Godrej Shikakai Soap
  • Carmino Herbal Shikakai Soap
  • Wipro Shikakai Soap
  • Jasvant Black Shikakai Soap
  • Hairika Shikakai Soap
  • Soulflower Amla, Reetha, Shikakai Shampoo Bar

godrej shikakai soap

These soaps are available on selective online portals and are more popular in the region of manufacturing. You certainly need to search for these soaps elaborately if you planning to switch over to these soaps permanently as these are not available so easily.

I hope you find this post interesting and useful. So who is trying a Shikakai soap sometime soon?

Have you tried these Shikakai Soaps?

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  1. Hi IRA
    Awesome information. Just wanted to know if you should use a conditioner after washing hair with the above mentioned soaps, just like we do after using a shampoo??

    • this soap contains amla , bhringraj and shikakai . it is a pure herbal soap … gives hair growth ….and it also stops hair fall

    • My mother always say this soap is a very good for hair fall and for nice hair growth comparing to other chemicals shampoo switch this soap for great hairs

  2. Kesh Nikhar soap for hair is the best and oldest in India. It misseing in the post. Me and family is using it from last 25yrs. It is made of coconut base and shikakai extracts.

    • Hey Anish
      I recently bought the kesh nikhar soap because my chemical shampoo was causing a lot of damage to my hair and my mother told me that this soap is the best as she has used it herself. The only problem is that after using it my hair feel a bit greasy though not weighed down. Can you tell me how you wash off this soap or how you use it for I get the feeling that my tresses haven’t opened up completely.
      It would be of much help if you could tell me and yes this soap has a divine smell 🙂

  3. Hi Ahana
    First massage your scalp with any good coconut oil & leave it for at least 20min, then wash you hair with Kesh Nikhar Soap & see the difference in first wash. This is the original way to use it.


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