Shilpa shetty beauty and make up tips


Makeup Tips

My basic rule is “less is more”. Wearing a heavy base, caked powder and red rouge just looks scary.
Never do your face in public. You distort your face to apply cosmetics and that is not an attractive look, which is why I applied mine away from the cameras in the Big Brother bathroom.

 Accentuate just one feature. If, like me, you want to draw attention to your eyes keep your lipstick quite understated. If you have lovely, pouty lips, wear a darker gloss and keep your eyes subtle.

 Eyelash curlers can open up your eyes and give them definition without the need for layers of mascara.

 Use false eyelashes for a more glamorous night-time look.

Beauty Tips

No matter how late I come home, I always remove my make-up. I mix pure coconut oil with olive oil, smooth it over my skin and wipe it off with cotton wool. It’s naturally soothing to skin.

Try to sleep for a minimum of eight hours a day and never use soap on your face – it’s too harsh.

Don’t overload your skin with fancy products. My mum, who is 57 and has amazing skin, says the more you use when you’re young, the worse it gets when you age.

And try having your eyebrows threaded at a salon to avoid in-growing hairs.

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  1. Nice Tips! Though I must say, I have seen her 1 or 2 times (once while she too was shopping for cosmetics at new Beauty Centre) and she looked very nice and fresh. She was obviously wearing make up, but it didn't looked OTT.

  2. You know its her figure which takes away all the attention otherwise she is quite an next door looking girl.But the way she carries her self is spectacular.


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