Shimmery Eye Shadow /Body shop Shimmer Cubes

                                                   Body Shop shimmer cubes Palette 19
Well have I have been talking about this eye shadow since long.I know many of you have asked me about this but I never like to review my products till I have thoroughly used them.So, after experimenting with this eye shadow palette for like 20 times I was dieing to review it today.
The reason I got this eye palette was because I was looking for some different colors for eye shadow makeup.I was particularly looking for this blue eye shadow and thankfully I am not disappointed with it:).The packaging of the eye pallete is one another reason which can make you fall in love with it.They come in clear plastic cube which four tiny cubes of eye shadows inside.So basically you have cubes inside cubes:) Interesting? well there is more ahead 🙂

About Shimmery Eye Shadow /Body shop Shimmer Cubes :-

Four colours create a gentle contrast of hazy shades and vibrant blues, greens and lilacs! Perfect for turning day time make-up into a stunning party look!!!
Body shop shimmer cubes cost -Rs 1195 (I got them at 50% discount so just Rs 600 )


Body shop shimmer cubes eye shadow colors:-

1. Shade :Emerald sea
2.Shade: Sea shell
3 Nuance-Mer emeraude
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What I liked about Shimmery eye shadow /Body shop shimmer cubes :-

1.It has pretty metallic colors.
2.If you want to give intense color then use it wet and for sheer and lighter effect use it dry.
3.These cubes is around 4 gm in quantity so I guess they are going to last for years even if I use them every day.
4.It is pretty easy to blend these colors and the cubes are versatile too.They don’t crease at all and they last whole day without even using the primer.This is a major plus point .I think they are the baked version and that is why they have such lasting power.
5.These don’t crease at all.
6.You can carry it in your bag.They don’t break easily.
7.The key ingredient of  our shimmery eye shadow is Marula oil which is very effective as a moisturizer.It has sesame seed oil and aloe vera, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, natural sugar.So this is going to leave your skin soft and for sensitive eyes girls it can work pretty well as it is anti-inflammatory.
8.It doesn’t have that horrible glitter which many shimmery eye shadows have .It gives a natural look with great intensity.
9.The shimmer is perfect for day and night look .
Ofcourse the pricing.I only bought them because it was on 50% sale otherwise I don’t think I would have ever tried them.Other than the price I think some of you might find it boring opening the every cube separately and then applying it.
Worth a purchase-If you like light shades and want to try something different from brown then this eye palette is surely for you.
Will I re purchase-No, as it is going to last for like years 🙂 .I may try body shop shimmer cubes palette # 18 , 20  but only if they cost me Rs 600 only.
All in all a great product for those who like to apply eye shadow and certainly it is one of my best eye shadow.

Have you tried Shimmery Eye Shadow /Body shop Shimmer Cubes ?

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  1. You welcome dear….

    good you came for we have Anju also who is preparing for her Medical PG exam..she do blogging when she gets bored of studying:)

    so basically we have study beautiholic group..lolz.
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  2. Use ponds titned moisturizer..its better than MAC and biotique..biotique is nice but has less tint as compare to ponds.:)
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