Shingar Deo Talc Floral & Shingar Herbal Hair Oil Review



 Shingar products are  part of tips and toes segment and caters to traditional beauty and cosmetics.This is the first time I am trying shingar products and I have not been left dissapointed.USP of these products are that they are really  affordable and if they click then one doesn’t mind using them at all infact trying them  once is not a problem for any one.


I will be talking about my experience with Shingar deo talc floral and Shingar herbal hair oil today which I have been using since one month .So lets start with my favourite thing Hair oil first 🙂


Shingar deo talc floral review +Shingar Herbal oil reviews


What Shingar Herbal Oil Claims:-


According to ancient science of Ayurveda there are three basic body natures(Prakruti):VATA, PITTA and KAPHA.As shown  in the table above , each body nature (Prakruti) dervies maximum benefit from the kind of parkruti which is suitable to it.Shingar herbal  hair oil is made of a blend of these three different oils and hence unlike other hair oils, it delievers the goodness of all the herbal ingredients into your scalp in much better way.It not only provides nourishment to the hair but also strenghtens the roots , makes the hair dark , soft and silky and also prevents hair fall and dandruff.


  • Price – Rs 60  for 50ml
  • Ingredients:– Castor oil, Mustard oil & Coconut oil


My experience with Shingar Herbal Hair Oil
Oil has pungent smell of castor and camphor which I like in my oils.It’s light weight and and sticky.I like the ingredients of the oil and have personally used each one of them (castor, coconut and  mustard oil) separately and till date sesame and coconut oil are my favourite.I have chemically treated hair and I use this oil every time before taking  the shower and faced not much of problem in getting rid of the oil .
I don’t suffer from hair loss so I can’t say wether it helped in reducing hair fall but I do suffer from bit of  dandruff which still is intact even after applying it.It does nourishes my hair and makes  my hair feel soft after shampooing and conditioning them.It comes in a small green bottle which has a flip top plastic packaging which is easy to carry around .
  • Will I recommend it to others – It’s a light weight oil and good for a nice chumpy on Sunday.I won’t say it’s a miracle oil which will solve out all hair problem but will definitely keep your hair nourished if used regularly.

Shingar hair oil reviews+Shingar herbal oil


What Shingar  Deo talc Floral claims:-


A tantalizing fragrance that fills your day with frahrness.Shingar Deo Talc captures the fragrance of fresh flowers , leeping you sweat -free, odur free and refreshed the whole day long.Best used daily after a bath


  • Price Rs – 35 for 100gm
  • Shingar Deo Talc Floral  –  This talc is available in two fragrance which is citrus and floral and I have the floral one with me.It has mild floral flagrance which is not long staying .In Rs35 its a steal and it does helps in keeping sweat away for  two hours or so.Although I stopped using talc years back but this product made me bring back my college memories 🙂 .I don’t like anyone to see that I have used talc and because of its fine texture and light weight consistency I can easily remove the excess with this one 🙂

Shingar Herbal Hair oil castor oil reviews +Hair growth oil+castor hair oil


Will I recommend it to others – I will definitely recommend it to college going or school going girls who are always in hunt of decently priced products which can work for them and  make them feel fresh .Those who like mild floral fragrance can give it a try too.


What’s your favourite hair oil and Talc?


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 Product sent by company for consideration but it has not affected my review.Our priority will always be you 🙂


  1. i have seen the oil many times, but not the talc…

    A, ive started using almond oil with Vit E capsules …do u think this wud be better? m not too keen on sticky oils…

  2. Hey.. me too me tooo!! I have both Shringar and Lakme Sindoor (in RED) fact i have the gold wala Lakme sindoor too (though I have never used it!!!) I prefer the Shringar one though!!
    Btw Ana.. how is mustard oil helpful for hair??? ?:-)

      • Wow… thats so sweet Ana! You are a nice daughter :-* :-*
        Thinking of anything specific?? My parents tell me that the best gift they’ve ever gotten is their grandkid 🙂 So meebe you can keep that in mind 😀 😉

        • well that will be later Mals..:) till then i will make them happy with chotu motu gifts 😀
          my days is not complete without talking to mom and dad..its like they know what i have cooked , where i went and what happening on Wise She 🙂

    • mine is done..clothes for diwali…i just hav t get stuff for the men in the and MIL shopping done…its so hard t shop for guys ya…no variety..

      • oh yeah.. temme all abt it Zee!! I have such a tough time shopping for my kiddo 🙁 🙁
        Wherever I go i see only rows after rows of pretty and colorful dresses!!! And guys have such boring colors too :pissedoff:

        • i wish i have baby daughter first atleast i can shop any thing and everything 😀 but u can make yur kiddo wear dresses for some time..who wil come to know he is a boy or a girl 😀

      • its easy na..bass go and select in few for man is easiest ..only thing is they should like what we get for them 😉

        • naa..the problem is when they have everything..then it becomes hard to decide wot else t get them which surpasses the previous gift…i find it so tough..and with gals u can gift anything…nice things come for both cheap and pricey and they can choose multiple things..guys always like pricey stuff.. 🙁 🙁

  3. As a kid, i liked colourful bindis and designed ones…mom got me a singar liquid bindi set which had 7 colours if i remember it right….i liked its smell..still fresh..

    • ah yes…ive seen that…my mom had also bought me that when i was small..then when mom used t put her bindi, i wud also stand next t her in fron tof the mirror and ut bindi matching to my outfit.. 🙂


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