Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam & Purify Cleansing Foam Review

  • Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam.  Rs. 2050 – 125 ml
  • Shiseido Extra Purifying Cleansing Foam.  Rs. 1675 – 125 ml

Pronounced  –    she-say-dough    🙂

I have used both of these products back to back and have nothing but praise for them.  I first started out with using the gentle foam and then the purifying foam.

Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam


This pearlucent face wash is real thick and creamy.  All you need is a drop the size of a green pea.  You can afford to get distracted with this product since the consistency  doesn’t allow for any drip-drop.  It lathers beautifully and does a thorough job of cleansing the skin and light makeup, leaving it smooth and ready for part 2 of your skin care regime.

Shiseido Gentle foam swatch+Shiseido gentle cleansing foam reviews

 Those with acne prone skin the next one’s for you!!!

Shiseido Extra Purifying Cleansing Foam

Shiseido Extra Purifying Cleansing Foam reviews

This product is also thick and creamy but contains very tiny purifying granules.  Now, don’t think of it as a harsh scrub laden cleanser as yet.  You can hardly feel the granules because It’s very very gentle in its exfoliating.  Again all you need is a small drop and lather away to remove dead skin and light makeup.  Your skin will feel fresh, squeaky clean and look nice and bright.  It doesn’t really strip the skin of all its moisture but don’t forget no matter which cleanser you use, moisturising after that is a must.

Shiseido extra purifying swatch+Shiseido cleansers reviews

Use both the gentle and purifying cleansing foams in the same way.  Massage it over the face in circular motions and then rinse off.  I use it both times – day and night.   I have sensitive / combination skin I’ve not had a single break out for the past 2 years.

  They both do not removewater proof makeup efficiently.

 Some tips for when you wash your face:

  • Before you touch your face ‘FIRST’ wash your hands with your handwash or else your face wash will become your hand wash.
  • Keep one cloth or plastic headband for yourself seperately in the bathroom at all times. Use it to get all the stray strands of hair off your forehead.
  • Wet you face and remember that when u get your face wash no matter which one onto your palm, you should rub both palms together with the product for a few seconds not only to distribute it evenly but also to get whatever heat’s in there to evaporate.
  • Small circular motions are enough to get all the grime off.
  • Finally splash plenty of cool or luke warm water onto your face.  Plenty. There should be no trace of cleanser anywhere.  Many a times this is the reason why we often have flaky itchy skin that looks like dandrufff along the ‘hairline’.  It can turn into some kind of dermatitis and you would not want that.
  •  After you wash your face ‘PAT’ it lightly / semi-dry with a clean towel.  Many a times due to negligence or lack of time we ‘SCRUB’ our faces ‘DRY’ with the towel. Remember it’s skin we’re talking about not canvas!
  • I said semi-dry because you don’t need to get each and every drop of water off, of your face. Let it be a little hydrated.  Remember pores are open at that time so get to the next step immediately.  It could be toner, serum, moisturiser etc.
  • Last but not the least try to keep a small face towel only for yourself and if possible a clean one everyday.  It’s good to share but certain things are a complete no-no.  Often times its our pillow cases and face towels that cause our rash and acne breakouts.

Pros:Shiseido Extra Purifying Cleansing Foam:-

  • Cleanses without drying
  • Very Gentle exfoliation
  • Only a small drop require
  •  Will definitely last for a year
  • Apt for acne prone and sensitive skin
  • Totally worth it !

Cons:Shiseido Extra Purifying Cleansing Foam:-

  • Very Pricey

 Have you tried Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam & Purify Cleansing Foam?


and in the end leaving you with my blogging partner Kelly 🙂



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  1. OMG! Kelly is suchaaaaaaa cutie! :cute: 😛

    wowww..u definitely dont get bored while bloggin haina?? sucha cute partner along with u! 😀
    And coming to the review.. I love reading ur reviews..coz every review of urs has a :VISHESH TIPNI:” to give which i read so carefully..chris! :-))

    N 2nd thing to buy sheseido I need to marry my rich bf fasttttttttttttttt to buy it! 😛 😛 :tap-dance: 😉

  2. Wow it looks so nice. I have made a new resolution that I would be paying more attention to skin care rather than cosmetics. I have noticed that you always use great products for your skin. good goin girl :).

    • I Second u on that.. I love love love make up..but I ve realised lately..that in order to have a strong building..u need to have a concrete base! Soooo m focussing on skincare a lil more this days..n i seem to enjoy it! 😉 😀 :yes:

      • We all should. What happens na, tight budget me I get more attracted to cosmetics but now I have takin more care of my skin.

  3. Oh I missed Kelly’s pic! how could I! I have Kishi who is my blogging partner(not!) she gets irritated by the division of attention 😛

      • she is a sweetie! and this sweetie has bitten all my body creams/ lotions dabbas. She is so fond of them, I cannot walk after applying my body lotion as she would want to lick my legs! Oh now I have started missing her 🙁

  4. hey christina..yours reviewed are highly detailed and totally love you for that! thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us! btw kelly is adorable!

  5. kelly is cho cheeeeeeeeettttttttt :hug-makeup: i lov dogs; have literally grown up wid dem , dey were my bestest frnds :-*
    n now cuming to review 😛 lovely review n pics as usual n great tips :-))

  6. Thank you thank you all………..It’s amazing how women you don’t know may you feel so special…..Haven’t seen Zara yet….I’m getting to know the regular ladies now…..Kelly is what you call a therapy dog.

    She was rescued by us in 2006 , 9 months old. We found her lying in a drugged out state with her owner who was also doped outside Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali Mumbai. San and I share a passion for animals and we do medication and rescue of Mumbais stray animals so we picked her up and found that the boy loved her but was a druggie. He used to share his drugs with her like you drink with a pal. He used to inject it into her neck and then he would also puke and she would eat it. Her stomach had shrunk because there was no food available.

    We rehabilitated her and found that he had actually left her there cause he couldnt handle her and so on May 4th the day she came home we decided to adopt her and I cant tell you how much happiness she has brought to our lives…. She sleeps with between us, travels with us, everything. She works with children and the elderly in hospitals and in their homes doing animal assisted therapy…. May 4th is her birthday and every year I have a small party for her and invite all my music students who absolutely love her over……..Without her our lives would not be what it is today…

    • Thank you Anamika for putting Kellys picture up. You’ve made us both so happy….I also have the most amazing story to tell u guys and its going to be up in a few mins…

    • AWW Cristina..I admire you so much for what you did for this dog and its so sick to know that the boy use to inject her too.I have never seen these kind of things and I wish that world gets free of all these terrible terrible things.

      • We’ve given her a second chance at life and she gives hope to so many lives through her therapy. Im typing my story….It will blow u guys away..

        • Christina! I have finally found my soul sis in u, my Kishi used to be a streetpup who met a terrible accident and her front two legs were crushed! I started taking care of her and used to give milk bottle to the guards before leaving office. they just had to pour in her bowl. But whenever I returned, I used to find her bowl empty. they didnt even bother to give her milk for 10-11 hours and it broke my heart like anything. I was living with roommates and knew it wont be easy but I made the decision at that very moment. Took her with me. I cannot tell u how happy I am! She is as cute as a button and very naughty! naughty would be an understatement actually.I know I am blabbering but I love u Christina for being such a nice person 🙂

  7. k then God willing we’ll see u in pune someday…..u should give me numbers for stray dog ambulance and help there cause people see injured cases on the highway and dont know who to ask for help. here sitting in mumbai i cant do nothing not even pass on a number…..

  8. Kelly kelly kelly kelly…i looove dogs..i have a family memeber too, his name is sandy 🙂

    I so want to reiterate “donot make your face wash your handwash’.

  9. i dunno wot t like more…the product or Kelly….chooo chweet! we hav a lab at Nagpur…Sunny’s his name….such a sweetheart but growing old 🙁 🙁

  10. Anamika I’ll give u one for free….. say the place time and breed!!!

    donn’t buy…..should not support breeders….I have beautiful breed dogs all thrown here in mumbai. People buy for fashion,breed, make more pups, sell and then abandon the dog….


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