Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Cream Eyeliner Review & Swatches


Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Cream Eyeliner


Hi everybody,

How are you guys? Sorry for being off from the blog for a few days. Hope you all are in good health. Here is an eyeliner review for all you makeup lovers.


Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Cream Eyeliner


Price: INR 1700

Product description:

What it is: Perfect pots of cream eyeliner.

What it does: Create elegantly defined lines or a smoky, sultry look with these remarkably easy to apply liners. They resist rubbing, water, and sweat, to keep eyes emphasized all day long. Comes with easy-to-use, conveniently sized brush.


Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating eyeliner


My experience with Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Cream Eyeliner:

I have tried black gel eyeliners from various brands before, so I wanted to have a brown gel eye liner this time. I tried this one at the store and it appeared out to be pretty good. So I picked it up. Shiseido being a high end brand I was expecting quite a lot from this one.

The biggest blunder that happened with this purchase was that the texture of the tester and the sealed product was completely different. I want my gel eye liners to be creamy and not dry. The tester had a wonderful creamy texture but the product I brought home had a semi-dry texture. It is not bad; it is workable and good but I would have preferred creamy texture over this one.


Shiseido Cream Eyeliner


Secondly, the shade was a darker brown in the tester pot and I got a bit lighter version in the sealed product. Usually brown eyeliners do not show up much on my already brown eyelids, so I wanted the darkest brown but unfortunately it was not so. Colorbar’s cocobar eyeliner and Kryolan’s ikonic eyeliner in brown are darker than this one.

When I revisited the store and asked them about this discrepancy, they told me they had added a liquid to the tester to make it more creamy (something like Inglot duraline) and didn’t give an answer when asked as to why they didn’t tell me this on the day I purchased it. Huh!!

The staying power is pretty good; it does not crease or come out in patches any time. It stays put for as long as 10 hours which is the maximum time I have tried it for. Also, it is waterproof and smudge-proof; does not come out even on accidental rubbing. This is the best thing about this eyeliner. Secondly, I have oily lids; umm.. actually only the right eyelid is oily and the left one is dry. Funny eyes eh? Anyways so the pencil eyeliners no matter how smudge-proof they are tend to smudge just after half an hour. So I have to wear a nude powder eyeshadow first if I have to use eyeliners on my upper lids. This one stayed even without any powder/ eyeshadow for a very long time, so you can say the staying power is commendable.


Brown Cream eyeliner Shiseido


It comes as a cute pot and a brush. The brush looks cute; you have to open its cap and attach at the back of the brush and then use it. The brush is good but not something phenomenal. The bristles are stiffer than usual brushes and it has a flat tip which is an advantage for people like me who put thicker lines. I would still not prefer this brush over my faces eye liner brush. People who like stiff bristles in liner brushes will love this.

I think you can use this to fill your brows too if you have some thickness in them or if they are not too dark. Its consistency allows it to be used as brow filler. I have thin eye brows so it looks a bit made up if I use it to fill my complete brows.


Brown Cream eyeliner Shiseido EOTD


Overall, it is a good product but I can easily get the same quality and shade in products with not so hefty price tags. INR 1700 is way too much for something which is average.

What I like about Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Cream Eyeliner:

  • Cute packaging.
  • Nice brush with stiff and flat bristles.
  • Stays for pretty long without fading, creasing or flaking off.
  • Does not irritate the eyes at all.
  • Water proof, smudge proof.

What I don’t like about Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Cream Eyeliner:

  • Pricey for the quality.
  • Not the darkest brown.
  • Semi dry consistency.(It is a con for me but this quality is subjective)
  • Availability is a problem.

Rating: 3/5

Until next time take care!

Have you tried Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Cream Eyeliner ?

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  1. Its certainly a lovely shade bt their response is so unprofessional. The tester shud b exactly d quality u buy. If it were 500bucks r so it prob wudnt mattr as much bt after shelling out 1700 bucks u shud get what u want…disappointing response frm them..


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