Shiseido Multi-Shade Enhancer Sunset Glow Review, Swatches


Hi All,

After looking at all my purchases through the years, I have come to the conclusion that some of my best (like YSL Lipsticks) and worst (read Revlon Sculpting Powder Blush)purchases have been made at airports..Some people hate airports and get there bang on time so they don’t have to spend a minute longer  than necessary there and some curse airline when they announce delays or cancellations. I tend to be the exact opposite 🙂 I reach the airport hours before just so that I can browse the book stores, the makeup counters, try on clothes I know I’ll never buy or wear and just sit there people gazing..Sounds Weird? Yeps…But then again, I find it all worth it for the jewels I find at these airports…One such find is the Shiseido Multi-Skin Enhancer I found at the Blore airport…


Shiseido Multi Skin enhancer Review

My take on the Shiseido Multi-Shade Enhancer in Sunset Glow:

  • Packaging: I got the refill pan which comes in a plastic casing similar to the Inglot refill packaging, only sturdier. They did have the empty compact as well, but I didn’t want to spend more on packaging when it had a perfectly good casing on its own. The compact does come with a brush too btw…
  • Price:  INR1500
  • Quantity: 10g

Shiseido Multi Skin enhancer Review+shiseido bronzer

  • Color: As visible, this bronzer has 5 shades ranging from a pale pink, to a neutral beige, to a peachy pink to a milk chocolate bronze shade and finally a deep taupey brown. The pan may look shimmery but it actually comes off as more satiny…the shimmer doesn’t show at all on the face. This entire pan also comes in an alternate shade combi called Terracotta Glow.

Shiseido Multi Skin enhancer Review+shiseido cosmetics

  • Pigmentation & Texture: This powder is well pigmented. The lightest shade can look a bit chalky but when combined with the others looks perfectly fine. Texture-wise, it feels quite hard to the touch but rest assured, the color payoff is good.
  • Staying Power: It stays for an average duration of about 6-7hrs.


Shiseido Multi Skin enhancer Review+shiseido+ bronzer


I am a huge fan of bronzers and have quite a few in my kitty…From the ELF Sunkissed bronzer, to TheBalm’s Bahama Mama to MAC’s Contouring Powder, I love trying them all and can never have enough. I bought this one majorly out of interest to see how a multi-shade bronzer would work on me. And I liked the effect for sure.


I apply this is the same areas I would a normal bronzer or a contour powder. I like the over all effect and it has just the right amount of orange in it for my skin…Looks perfectly natural. At times, I even use the 2lighter shades together as a highlighter. Since this looks more satiny and not at all shimmery on the skin, this is perfect for day wear or for work as well.


Shiseido Multi Skin enhancer Review+shiseido review


A point to be noted though is that this particular shade is perfect for fairer skin tones. On medium to deep skintones, this wouldn’t show up and would probably look like a finishing powder instead of a bronzer. I did see 1 other shade (Terracotta Glow) though which I feel would suit medium if you like this concept you should check it out..


Shiseido Multi Skin enhancer Review+shiseido cosmetics+ bronzer swatch


I wouldn’t rate this as a must have, but a nice useful product to have around if you’re on the paler side and need that extra warmth on your face.


What I like about Shiseido Multi-Shade Enhancer in Sunset Glow:

  • Isn’t too orange nor muddy like most bronzers around
  • Nil fallout
  • Good color payoff.
  • Looks really cute!
  • 10gms is a lot of product and will last a long time.
  • Suits fairer skin perfectly and nice for daily wear.
  • Not matte nor shimmery…Its bang in between and looks amazing.
  • Staying power is decent
  • Can be used as a bronzer as well as a highlighter


What I don’t like about Shiseido Multi-Shade Enhancer in Sunset Glow:

  • Is best for a softer look but isn’t the product for you if you prefer a more defined or a chiseled look.
  • Ideally I’d have to say the price..but the refill is cheaper than the MAC Contour Powder, so who am I to complain right?


Ratings:  4.5/5

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  1. Oh my!! Although it wouldnt work on me, I’d but it just for the pride in owning one 🙂

    I am totally like you Zee…I reach hours early and window shop/shop so much!! I recently bought a Clinique product at the airport and I dont give up on a flight…I bought H2O kit on a Delhi-Bangalore flight and its the best purchase I ever made!!

  2. oh .. i m drooling here.. its looking so yummy that i just wanna lick it off…. 🙂

    i too love being early in the airport.. browsing books is my most favorite thing to do there.. some hot coffee & may be a little makeup too… 😀

  3. what happened to chrstina… shes MIA…
    zara if u try clothes in airports i bow to you… ur true shopoholic…. i can never do that lol…. i have food,then books n mags,then skin/haircare.. never have patience to try clothes….. hmmmm i shd try them now..
    u are givng us all ideasss… 🙂

  4. Beautiful shades! and such cute packaging 🙂 I was spell bound in the Paris airport(during Transition 4 months back) with all the drool worthy varieties of cosmetics but felt so overwhelmed and saturated seeing them that I did not bother to buy a thing.. he he he.

    I am a shopoholic (lesser degree wali) as long as am in touch with the items of my desires on a daily basis. Back in India I used to drool and shop lots with my like minded shopoholic frnds but here i don’t feel like doing it even if there is company.

    Well I had 2 hauls in 4 months but nothing like the ones I had in India 🙂


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