Shiseido’s Foundation Brush Review


Shiseido’s Foundation Brush Review

  • Price: Rs. 1950

Shiseido's foundation brush+concealing flaws brush

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This is the first brush I invested in.  I chose a brush from this brand because this is a trusted hi-end make-up brand that as a child I saw my mum using.  It’s a Japanese product and we all know how good the Japanese are at what they do.  Traditional ‘brush making’ is an art and in Japan this knowledge is handed down from generation to generation. It is done completely by hand and the degree of precision and detail with which the work is done, is nothing short of a superhuman feat.

The Shiseido foundation brush is a high quality brush which is going to last for a long time.  It is a one stop brush that can be used with all formulations – liquid, cream or powder. When I bought it I had very basic brush knowledge but over the years I’ve realised that a brush needs to meet a few requirements:

  • Extremely soft (test this by touching the bristles to your upper lip as it’s very sensitive)
  • Excellent pick-up of all types of formulas
  • Create a uniformed and natural look
  • Long lasting

Shiseido's foundation brush+japanese techonology brush for dry and wet foundation

This brush meets all of those expectations making it very special.  The total length of the brush is 12cms in length, the longest hair is 1.8 cms and the shortest 1.1cms it’s very stylish and easy to carry around.  It is made of a blend of artificial hair that is soft and bend easily without contorting.  From the picture you can see the gentle tapering and angled slant of the bristles allowing for even coverage even in hard to reach areas of the face.

Shiseido's foundation brush+best soft foundation brush for compact

The density of the hair helps pick up enough product each time thus giving a flawless and streakless application.  This you can make out in the picture above.   When used the right way my ‘cream-in-a-compact foundation‘ spreads easily and flawlessly in spite of its creamy texture.  Do not confuse this brush with the immensely popular kabuki brush as it’s not meant for buffing.  If one could describe the working of the brush it would be to just dab the foundation on your face like cheeks, forehead, chin and nose and then smooth the foundation along the natural contours of your face and then towards the outer areas of the face like the hairline, jawline and temples.   Areas where large pores are visible like the cheeks will be greatly reduced and you can of course apply more foundation as per your coverage requirements


Shiseido's foundation brush+best softest shiseido foundation brush

In this picture you can distinctly see the area onto which I have applied Shiseido’s hydro cream foundation.  How beautifully flawless the application is with the brush and how well the pores are conceled.

There is a video by a Japanese make-up artist that teaches you how to use this brush to the best of it’s ability.  This is the link –

Shiseido's foundation brush+best soft foundation brush

Shiseido counters in India also stock the following makeup brushes :

Shiseido currently has 2 schemes going on at all counters, across the country.  In Mumbai you can find the counter in Inorbit Mall, Malad.

  •       For purchases on Rs. 5000 and above you will get a trial size skin care product free.
  •       For purchases of Rs. 3000 and above you can choose an eye liner or a lip liner for free.


What I like about Shiseido’s Foundation Brush:

  • Soft
  • Long lasting
  • Flawless and easy application of foundation
  • Can be used for all foundation formulas

What I don’t like about Shiseido’s Foundation Brush:

  • Pricey

 Have you tried Shiseido’s Foundation Brush?


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  1. wow..this looks like sigma kabuki na??yeah pretty expensive but I feel such brushes last a lifetime so worth investing..nice review n nice pics..:)

  2. Superrrrrrrrrrrrrr awesomeee Review… Chris!! :yes: :yes: :yes:

    love the demonstration and review.. U have got into knitty gritty into things looks like u do a lot of homework bfore buying Anything… Great Purchase!! :rock-n-roll:

    I have always passed by Shiseido Counter never bought i will! 😉 😀 :yes:

    • Yaa i have seen Shieseido brushes on .u will get them in discounted prices as well..

      How was weekend Bidisha?

  3. @thanks Ana.. The entire weekend i was panting like Fido :pissedoff:
    the heat is killing here… how r u doing in this unbearable heat? take care of ur health 🙂

    • i swear..and u know preggi women feel the heat more because of the baby inside ..i just don feel like doing anything other than blogging 😀

  4. wow…i so need this!! Lovely review Chris :yes: I’ve seen shiseido brushes on medplusbeauty but they don’t have this one :-((


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