Shopatmajorbrands Sale Alert !



I know it’s not Tuesday where we give you the best of the online shopping alerts but the  sale which I am talking about can’t wait for that long.

There is30% off sale going on  on all Inglot products so all of you who are not close to Inglot stores should not miss this offer 🙂


wiseshe sale alert


Thanks Banani for letting us know ! 🙂


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  1. WowZee… already shopped :O :O
    Ana.. I was checking out your wala Duraline…. and gel eyeliners :beauty: :beauty:
    Worth investing kya girls??

  2. Wot are the good products to look for, gals?
    Any suggestions? May be some natural pink lippi, or matt blush or coloured eyeliners?
    I’ve never tried this 🙁

    • hi Paddy…i have personally never ever bought anythin from inglot so i can only say wot ive read and heard from others…their AMC blushes have nice reviews but they do tend to have shimmer..atleast most o them. and their gel liners r raved about like crazy!

  3. I’ve been hanging out on that site for 2 days now… each time I fill my shopping cart, I get last minute doubts & I cancel the order. I just can’t decide what to buy. 🙁

    • pata hai Tans, I keep filling my cart for the last 6-7mts! but never had the guts to buy anything…but once i came t kno bout this sale i started sorting things out and finally decided…and now also i keep thinking whether i shud order this or that additionally 🙂 🙂

  4. Ana… woh eye liner wala brush you had used earlier in a post na? IS it useful to have?? Looks like a professional wala brush (as in only professionals use such brush)!!

  5. Sorry girls… was stuck in a silly meeting :pissedoff: :reallypissed:
    Inglot wala is the bent wala brush!! Do you have that too Zee?
    Ana would you suggest that for beginners like me??

    • i have ordered it and i think with little practice u will master it 🙂

      silly meeting ..hmm..did u manage to take a quick nap 😉

    • i hav a bare minerals wala bent brush…i wud definitely recommend a bent brush yaar..makes it so easy to apply gel liners and it makes it so easy to apply liner inthe inner corners…Go for it!

  6. arrey kahan Ana… mujhse sawaal pooch rahe the… kitni bhuri haalat hai logon ki dekho :silly: :rotfl: 😀
    I hate meetings… nothing productive ever happens.. meko lagta hai its just a way to while away time but seem busy :pissedoff: :reallypissed:


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