Zee’s Shopatplaces Neckpiece & Cute little Flower Shaped Bag


I got a courier this weekend and I kept thinking for a while who sent me these and then I saw Zee’s email id and I then opened it without  even waiting for a second.She sent me these two necklaces from shopatplaces.com and I don’t know how she manages to send me the things which are so me.I always wonder and think some 100 times wether the thing which I am buying for her will be of her choice or not.When she receives it I always think wether it will be of her use or not πŸ˜›

These two necklaces are going to work on mot of my dresses and I was completely unaware about shopatplaces.It’s definitely a site worth checking out.

Neck piece


This drop shape pink stone german silver necklace is goes well with ethinic as well as my black dress the most.I wore them with my alloy metal earrings yesterday.



silver oxidized neck piece set


Here is a closer look .

silver metalliic necklace blog


I love choker and this golden colour  is so chick and sophisticated.I am planning to wore these in the upcoming meet of mine.


Neck Piece dull gold indian accessory  blog


I have to look for matching earrings with these which Zee did sent to me but they sent me two same colour  chokers instead πŸ˜›


Gold neck piece for black dress


Also, I wanted to buy my party outfit sandals and came back with this nude flower clutch bag.I kept telling K that its on sale and its shouldn’t be missed πŸ˜› .


Leather flower bag


Don’t you think its difficult to chose between both the necklaces ?

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  1. Zee has great taste πŸ™‚
    Very nice ana!

    I checked out the site , most of the stuff there is sold out but!

  2. Shrieeeek! Those neckpieces are gawjus :inlove: Zee ure a true sweetheart :-)) N that clutch is ADORABLE!! :heart:

  3. Wow!! Lovely stuff Anamika!! The drop pendant is to die for!! I want to get my hands on it asap.
    I know besties are for life. They exactly know whats best for you.
    Zee you rock as usual!!


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