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I am a new mom who keeps traveling or I should say I am now little more comfortable in traveling..With bit of planning and organizing, everything falls into place.

My daughter is now eight months old(Phew! time flies ) and I keep on hunting new products for convenience.Two days back, I ordered few things for my baby from and to my surprise I received all the stuff with two days.I wasn’t expecting that quick delivery and I am super impressed with their service.

Here is what all I ordered.All these things are for mommies who are always on the run and prefer convenience.

FARLIN Baby Sunscreen Lotion-30 Ml for INR 800.

I don’t want to compromise in skin care especially when it comes to sunscreen , face wash and body lotion.This is the reason I bought the farlin and not Lotus baby sunscreen which is available in just INR 187. This lotion contains pure rice and other natural ingredients which I am going to tell you in detail in another post. Lotion was available in 995 on flipkart where as on Snapdeal it was of 896.I found a coupon code after some googling and got it in INR 800.

Baby sunsreen reviews

Farlin Food Warmer :-

I ordered 500ml Farlin warmer albeit even 300ml would have also served the purpose. I thought that with time I will not have to discard it and it will stay with me for a long time. On first cry it was of INR 625 and on it was of 593 where as on snap deal, where I never bothered to check out baby  products before, it was of INR 563.


Warmer has knife and spoon placed into it which comes out handy.


I bought one more bottle Morisons bottle warmer as this one is a must have product for me. Whenever I go out for movies at night (After my baby’s birth we go only for night shows when she is asleep).Milk stays warm in it for 3-4 hrs. I just have to take it  out during the interval and feed her.It saves me from all the hassles.


It’s reasonably priced and costs just INR 200 .


Last but not the least – another pair of cute little sandals. She keeps losing them which gives me reason to shop more. It opens from the front also so they are going to last long if they don’t drop down while travelling.


So if you shop for your baby online then do check out also. You will find baby products at cheaper price then what they are on other sites.I just saw these cute little pink booties of just 195..How cute na !

Happy midweek every one 🙂

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  1. i can totally understand how much u hv to plan, pack n carry around with a toddler…

    hv seen all my cousins n pals do it… these are some useful n handy products! 🙂

    tat baby warmer from farlin is so cute… 😀

  2. ahaaa, soo good and thoughtful you are.u r taking care of each and every aspect of your baby like sunscreen n all which almost all ppl ignore

    • i myself have seen that..moment Anvika is out for 10 mins in sunlight she develops a darker layer ..babies skin is very sensitive so got to be carefull 🙂

  3. Cool stuff…Anamika I hope your baby is getting morning sunshine at least. Its important for Vitamin D synthesis and Calcium absorption and hence bone, teeth and overall development. Omit the sunscreen when she’s home, and let her soak up early morning rays between 7 to 9 am


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