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Kejal Asks

I have a cousin going to US this month. What things shud I call four  which are not available here? Any must havs?


Shopping from usa+Shopping from USA


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  1. Depends on your budget tbh Kejal..

    Low to Mid Range:
    1. Maybelline gel liners in colors other than Black
    2. Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadows (these have only been launched in US as of now – they are getting rave reviews & I personally feel these are a must have)
    3. Revlon Lip Butters
    4. Wet & Wild Cosmetics

    High Range
    1. Urban Decay eyeliners
    2. Guerlain lipsticks
    3. Stilla eyeshadow in Kitten
    4. Benefit blushes
    5. Bobbi Brown – anything πŸ™‚
    6. Too Faced makeup
    7. Philosophy skincare products.
    8. Yes to.. skincare range

  2. You can pick up bert bee’s products..they r damn cheap in US and I don think Maybelline Tattos are coming in India any time soon so u can pick those too.Hold on to that.Revlon lip butter will definitely be here sooner or later i believe but will be costly indeed.

    Maybelline gel eyeliners in different shade will be a steal.

    Rest i will let u know when it comes across my mind πŸ™‚

  3. 1) go to and select the stuff you like. All of it comes under 1, 3 or 5$ and are super good quality and affordable. Would be available in stores like K-Mart or target over there, or you can even buy it from the website ship it to your cousin’s address. I recommend their eye brushes, their studio line stippling brush, the studio blushes, cool bronzer palette, cream eyeshadows, pigment eyeshadows and their mineral lipsticks. awesome stuff.
    2) Urban Decay primer potion if you dont have it already; Urban decay eyeshadow palettes
    3) physicians’s formula gel eyeliners / blush/ shimmerstrips
    4) O.P.I and china glaze nail polishes
    5) Burts bees lipbalm and/or EOS lipbalms
    6) maybelline ‘the falsies’ mascara (check this one out online to see if it would suit you though) or benefit bad gal mascara
    7) revlon just bitten lipstains
    8) Cover girl products
    9) NYC face powders/ bronzer in ‘Sunny’

    whoa that’s a long list i guess… but hope it helps… :drunk: do ur research first online to see what you would personally like though πŸ™‚

  4. Wow!! these are great suggestions…I ‘ll make a list out of all suggestions that I get on this page and send her a final list! Thanks all you guys and Thanks Ana for putting it up. I was going a little mad readings reviews of everything under the sun.

  5. here r my reccos…if u want more specifics leme kno..

    1. ELF studio line blush in Candied Coral (its very mild and no tintensely pigmented and has a nice sheen to it so if urnot comfy wid too much color this is wonderful)
    2. ELF blush and bronzer duo in medium
    3. L’oreal HiP cream liners (their Teal one is amazing)
    4. Maybelline Blouncy blushes
    5. Maybelline Eye tattoos
    6. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips gel liners (these r tiny and cute and will u the exact tim euntil u feel bored with them πŸ˜‰ )
    7. Benefit Blushes …do check them out online to make sure ur getting wot u want, but id also suggest buying the combi trios that come…ul get a bit of ur fav blushes….I do like corallista tho)
    9. Too faced shadow insurance
    10. NARS blushes….Ul hav t check to see which colors u like tho…i like dolce vita which A reviewed…
    11. Bobbi Brown lippy/blush
    12.Revlon colorburst lip butters

  6. you can keep a track of what you want from USA , make your list ready like :

    Maybelline tatoo in this this color
    Maybelline liner in this this color
    Revlon lip butter in this this color ..

    prepare your list and now YOU … read weekely ads of “Walgreens ” and “CVS ”

    and you can get the stuff on buy one get one half offer …

    there are lot many ways to save money but I guess this is the easiest and your friend will also not feel bad.

    if you are planning from sephora … ask her to get a gift CArd which is readily available in grocery store like “safeaway ” …. so you can shop online using that card and her address … and get free shipping as well

    same you can do with mac cosmetics as well … ask her to get a card and you shop online ….

    right now Too Faced is having 15 % off and free gift , if you want i can forward that mail to you

    ULTA is again great for shopping , but going in store wuold be little stressful , you can ask your friend to get a MASTER / Visa Gift card for you so that you can buy anywhere .. you might loose some extra money as they charge some anount but it will be hassle free shopping

    for sephora card you dont need to pay anything extra ….

    you can use coupon codes also which are avlb. on

    Sorry for long comment.

  7. Well, I can tell you first hand that I have ALL the shades of Maybelline tattoo shadows and my favs are the Bronze, Teal, Asphalt, Gold and Silver. They are $7 each and my CVS had buy one get 50% off second.
    I also bought a Revlon lip butter and it is going back. No colour pay off and does not last long either.
    The Maybelline bounce blush is lovely and super cute.
    I love makeup and invest a lot in both high end and drugstore and frankly drugstore makeup is getting better and better. I find that foundation, mascara, highlighters and specialty products are still better in high end lines but you can get some really good lipsticks, eyeshadows and skincare etc in drugstores, most of which are available in India, I am sure.
    I would definitely get an eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay or Too Faced and a foundation and highlighter from Chanel or Dior and YSL’s faux cils mascara which in my humble opinon simply has no comparison. All of these are available at Sephora but you would probably get more samples and gits if you bought from a hig end dept store such as Nordstrom.

  8. yay yay yay!! i was thinkin of mailing anamika with teh same ques!! relatives coming to india in a few months time!! till then i can make a huuuuge list .. hehehe *devil laugh πŸ˜‰ *


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