Shopping in Lajpat Nagar on Holi V-log+Video


Hey, everyone!

If we talk about the ‘term’ shopping then the first place that comes to our mind in New Delhi is ‘Lajpat Nagar”. Lajpat Nagar is truly is a paradise for shopaholics and even for food fanatics! Lajpat Nagar is known for affordable fabric, tempting western dresses, different kind of ethnic outfits and more! You guys loved our Lajpat Nagar Diwali V-log and this time we were here for ‘Holi Shopping’. If you guys want to know more about our crazy shopping experience then keep onto scrolling!


We saw different types of clothing outlets out there which is a USP of this market. The market is fully loaded with energy and colours as one can’t come from there without doing the shopping! The soothing sunshine of that day has made our shopping experience more joyful :) and yes! we shopped a lot from there.


Lajpat Nagar has a wide range of ready-made blouses at such an affordable price tag. Ana wanted to shop some ethnic this time and she got her hands on fabrics for sarees. One fabric has an indigo blue print with red borders on a bone white cotton fabric and for her second saree, she chose Earthy-maroon toned Kalamkari fabric. Let me tel you one thing, if you are the one who likes ‘Custom-made’ clothes then do visit this place and thank me later 😀

Later on, headed to shop a blouse to match her saree fabrics, she picked-up one pompom detailing beige colour blouse and for second saree we bought a denim toned bell sleeve top. Ana has done the blue toned red border saree+denim toned top look for her Amazon India Fashion Week day two look and she got so many amazing compliments on this one.


Moving on to our favourite part, eating! We eagerly wanted to try the very popular ‘ Chhole- Kulcha’ of Lajpat Nagar since the long  and last time we missed it too. The food stall owner was so humble and he didn’t even take money from us ( how sweet! ) and yes! we had the best Chhole- Kultche in our life! A must try:) Don’t forget to check the lemon tea as well.



Let’s talk about some colours and ready-made food items. The collection of various kind of Pichkaris and organic colours was just amazing. We have taken some ready made food items like- Gujiyas, 4-5 types of Namkeens and chips as well. Lajpat Nagar market is the heart of south Delhi and one can easily hook on to its beauty.


That’s all folks! To know more about this crazy journey of shopping watch our Diwali and Holi-Vlog here.



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