Should I Get A Tattoo ?


Hello people! Today, I will be talking about tattoos and how to take care of them with the hope that you guys will be helped before you get a tattoo (like I did!). There are a few things I would want to talk about here, so listen up if you are interested in getting a tattoo in the near future.

The most important thing to do while thinking of getting a tattoo is to ask a question to the self, which goes – Why should I get a Tattoo? What are my reasons?




You should have a good reason about why you want to get a tattoo. And please, looking cool is actually not a good reason. I have a friend who wanted to look cool and hence got a tattoo of a naked woman sitting on a pile of brown and yellow rocks. Ahem. That turned out to be one of the worst mistakes she had made in her life as the pile of rocks looked like something else altogether (here, those who have an imagination can truly understand what it looked like… :-D). So, the important thing here is to figure out why you want to get a tattoo. Good reasons include the following, like –

  1. You want to remember an event, an occasion, a special something, or a phrase of your own life from the tattoo.
  2. You have a design which you love, or you have a passion for something that you want to imprint on your body.
  3. You want to imprint something special that makes you feel better just by looking at it (for example, a fantasy creature which symbolizes your state of mind, maybe?).
  4. You want to remember someone special (like maybe your mom?) and you want to put a tattoo in that person’s remembrance.
  5. You want to hide some imperfection on your skin by covering it (like a mole or a skin blemish that you don’t want the world to see).

However, in each case, make sure you are absolutely sure about what you want to get. For example, there has been plenty of times that I have actually seen people grumble about their tattoo choices only AFTER they got it. And by that time it was too late.

Remember, your tattoo –

  1. IS PERMANENT. That means, no matter how much you rub and curse, it will not go until you SURGICALLY remove it. Yes, that means going to a specialist. And it takes about 10 times the cost of getting a tattoo to remove one, and 5 times more painful
  2. IS GOING TO BE PAINFUL WHEN YOU GET IT. And if you think drinking alcohol before to numb the pain is a good idea, think again. Most of the times tattoo artists hate taking in inebriated clients because the alcohol dilutes blood and the person getting the tattoo ends up losing a good bit of blood, which is neither good for the person, nor the tattoo.
  3. CAN TAKE MORE THAN ONE SITTING TO FINISH. If your tattoo is elaborate, then it will need more than one sitting to be finished. So prepare yourself before going.
  4. SHOULD BE DONE BY THE BEST. Remember, this is your skin on which the tattoo is going on. So, choose a tattoo parlor or artist who is reputed and uses the best ink and equipment, because you know what? Bad ink can damage your skin quite badly and give you a rash. So it is a good idea to talk to the tattoo artist about the design and the ink before going for a tat.
  5. SHOULD HAVE A CLEAR DESIGN – unless your tattoo artist is REALLY talented, and patient, please get a good idea about what you want to have on your skin. Research online. There are a thousand and one good tattoo design sites and you can check them to find what you like. You can also ask the artist to draw you a special design or show you a portfolio or tattoo book through which you can select what you want to get. Remember, the decision should be final.





Here are a few words of warning about the matter. Before getting a tattoo remember, never get a tattoo which you might regret putting on your skin. If you are getting a tattoo which is written in some language, remember to check spelling. I actually saw that someone spelled Remembrance like this – “REMEMBRAINS”. This especially happens in Chinese Kanji tattoos where a slight alteration of a letter might give a word an entirely different meaning (the hilarious story of a guy getting a tattoo which he thought spelled strength, but actually meant ‘best Chinese food in Beijing’). Also, I have had at least 10 friends who got their significant other’s name tattooed on their skin, and then had to remove it when the relationship did not last. I do not mean to say that getting the name of initials of a significant other is a wrong thing to do. I only want to say… be cautious about what you get (and having a name actually makes you more open to analysis and criticism, especially if the name is at a place which is visible) and make wise choices.


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  1. The anecdotes were really funny – made my day rofl rofl rofl XD lol. Crazy. I dont like how tattoos fade or blacken over time , and you have to redo it , and when you tone up your body or become flabby it`ll I`ve never been much tempted by it really. What I`m tempted by is a belly button ring which I seriously want. 😀 :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :yippee:

    • Hmm, yes of course you will need to maintain a tat. Come to think about it, a Belly Button ring is a lot of work too. so be careful and do not go the distance until you are absolutely sure you are okay with maintenance.

  2. make it small en somewhere is not to visible for work, I have 2 minis and are at my left and righ ankle , If I wear long pants nobody will notice them 🙂 they are just fine and cool

  3. I have a pair of tattooos near my wrist already…

    One is “Amore” means “Love” in Spanish & on the other hand I have an Ambigram of “Destiny” & “Desire”.. WHich means MY DESIRES are aligned with my DESTINY n i always recieve them!

    i am looking forward for my 3rd tattoo now… Great article Poori 😀 :yes:

  4. I kept teasing my hubby(he was then my boyfriend at tht time) to get my name tattooed on his arm if he was serious about marrying me!! he got it done right before our engagement. i felt so guilty then.


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