Should I Go For Keratin Treatment?


Should I Go For Keratin Treatment?

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Well, a lot of my readers and Instagram followers have been asking about my Keratin Treatment which I took few months back before my short vacation in Canada in the month of May. And afterwards too I have talked about the treatment and how it changed my hair texture.

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Well, now that a good 4 months have passed since I took the treatment, a lot of you wanted to know about the current state of my keratin treated hair as there are lots of conceptions among people that the effects  of this treatment last mainly during the initial 1-2 months after Keratin Treatment and afterwards your hair starts falling again or it starts to become rough and many more such things. Well, let me tell you, since I have got this treatment and its been a long while since then, I thought of sharing my thoughts on whether or not you should go for Keratin Treatment.

How To Take Care Of Hair After Keratin Treatment

Hair Care With Keratin Treatment

More than getting the treatment done for your hair, it is the post treatment hair care which you need to be regular with. It is not a tedious task and you do not have to do a lot of hair care for sure. Even after months, when I wash my hair and use a mask along with it. I just blow-dry my hair and I am good to go! I do not need any straightener or any curling iron at all. My hair looks naturally smooth & frizz-free even after 4+ months after Keratin Treatment.

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Even if I don’t wash my hair for straight 3-4 days, my hair is all good to go. I have heard so many nay-sayers about this treatment who are of the opinion that the effect of the treatment wears down in just 1-2 months itself. Also that once the treatment wears down the hair tuns brittle and you experience hair fall. But then, there is a thing that if you take proper care then all these concerns won’t bother you. Just as your skin care, hair care too is important for gorgeous hair.

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Keratin Treatment Is An Investment

Talking about the cost effectiveness, well Keratin Treatment is a one time investment and it has several benefits attached to it. If you think about the cost of this treatment and compare it with your monthly hair pampering sessions with oil massage or hair spa, you will find that getting a Keratin Treatment is still cheaper. So be prepared mentally to invest a good 7-9 thousand rupees for Keratin Treatment as per your hair length.

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Hair Care Products

It is important that you use the right products on Keratin treated hair because they are specially formulated without sulphates and other harmful substances which damage the layer of keratin. If you use the common shampoo or conditioning products on your Keratin treated hair, it will instantly show on your hair and the hair might instantly look frizzy!

Make sure to stick to the products as suggested by your salon expert who did the Keratin Treatment.

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So, other than using these hair care products I don’t oil my hair or do any DIY remedy at all. I just get a hair spa done once in a while in a salon or do it my self sometimes at home when I don’t have much time in hand. And that’s about it. I am currently loving my hair and planning to get Keratin done again in December so that my frizz- free hair phases just prolongs and I let me hair loose any time I wish! 🙂

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  1. Recenty I have done this Cysteine treatment and its same as karatine treatment. Its been a month now but my hair is totally frizfree and also my hairfall has been reduced so much.I used ProtineKera product as I have done my treatment with same product.Now I love my hair so much.


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