Should I Go For Laser Hair Removal – Suggestions


Sonia asks,

I am interested in opting for laser hair removal instead of more “old school” methods such a shaving or waxing.Do you think it’s a good idea? Is there any one on Wise She who has tried laser hair removal ?Has that worked for you ? What is the cost involved?


should i go for laser hair removal



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  1. This i can help u with.. I have done it for my legs.Be well informed that laser hair removal is not removal but reduction.. u will still see some hair at the end of your session.The sesssions havent worked for me for underarms but for legs it worked beautifully..Its a very time consuming process as the sessions take very long .. esp if using a local anaesthetic cream.. close to abt 4 – 5 hrs for legs and bikini as they r the most senstive..The pain is there during sessions..i wont lie… and it is rather irritating to wait for regrowth for ur next session.. u can shave in between sessions but not use any other method.. I would suggest that u go speak to two or three reputed clinincs in your city and get it done only from a reputed doc.Its an expense yes but worth it esp if u love wearing dresses n capris n stuff.. But wht i feel is why play with nature.. Do ur homework well and then go for it… n do not go for it if ur pain threshold is low.. the clinic will say its like an ant bite but when u have to go thru many many pricks at a time it does amke a diff


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