Should I Wax Or Epilate & Epilator Suggestions


Ankita asks,

Recently one of my friend told me about this device called ‘ epilator ‘. Do you have any idea about the efficiency of this device and how is it better or worst than regular waxing. Can you also tell me which is the best brand of epilator if I want to purchase one and what type (as I tried to look online each brand has about 2- 3 different varieties).

should i wax or epilate

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  1. Hey Ankita,

    I have been using epilator from past 3 years. It is quite effective. One advantage of waxing is tat it removes deadskin n leaves the skin smoother.
    I still prefer waxing, but i find epilator more convinient n easy to carry. Also i dont see any disadvntage of using it.
    The one i have is from ‘Silk epil’ brand.
    Hope dis helps 🙂

  2. hey.. this is the first time i am commenting though i am a regular follower 🙂

    I have been using epilators since 14 yrs.. yes 14 yrs 🙂 since i was 14 yrs old. lol. 🙂
    i started with Braun silk epil..
    now i use philips satin ice. bought it 5-6 yrs back. it was actually meant for starters. it has a separate compartment for ice which can be attached to the device before epilation. the ice numbs the area and lessens the pain. the pain is same as waxing. lot of ppl say it pains more but if you use logic even this pulls out the hair from roots so how can it be more painful than waxing!
    the device also comes with a shaver head and exfoliator head. i bought it for 4k or 4.5k. dont know what the price is now but you can check their website.
    Epilation has been a god sent beauty product for me. i have waxed maybe just 5-6 times in my whole life. u need not wait for the hair to grow a certain length before epilating whereas for waxing to need to have certain length.
    i have the cord one. u can get the battery operated varieties also easily!

    If you have any other info i ll be gald to answer 🙂

    • Hi Shefali ..which site is this epilator available on 🙂

      and thanks for commenting 🙂 and 14 yrs is seriously long ..

      i have used epilator before but that was 10 yrs back when technology was not that good i believe..since then i am waxing so i don have much idea about these.

    • 14 yrs?!?!?! i salute u gal! i never hav the patience for it..i use it only in emergencies..otherwise its always waxing for me.. 🙂

  3. good question !! how’s the growth after using epilator when compared to waxing in terms of both time and strength of hair ? i thought hair growth is quicker when epilator is used !!

  4. Hey girl.
    Epilator is gud to use caz u can whenever u want and u can use it urself. U dont need someone else help to pull the skin etc etc.
    I have epilator of braun silk epil. The 7th one i guess.. one can use this epilator all over the body. Even on face…. :p
    In the beginning u have to get used to it.. caz while waxing u can pull a patch of hair in one go. But u have to move epilator slowly over the surface. Thatswhy ppl find it more painful than waxing.

    The result are the same as waxing. The hair grows the same way as it does by waxing.
    One dos

    • the hair does have to be a bit long…although not as long as is the requirement for waxing..but there is a min groeth required for this..the tiny bristle hairs dont get epilated..

  5. Reddy
    For braun silk epil 7 is the min. Length of hair 0.5 mm.

    P.s. sorry for replying like this. M on mobile :p no reply option under comment :p

  6. Thanks so much Anamika… I was right u were the right person to contact.
    Regarding the time of growth while using an epilator, my friend told me that its even slower than waxing…
    while waxing hair growth starts in around 15 days but by epilator there is no growth for atleast 4 weeks I guess.
    But i m surely getting an epilator now

  7. Ankita
    The growth of hair has nothing to do wid waxing or epilator. Its all about ur hormones.
    So dont panick if u dont see any hair back for weeks and also dont panick if u see it in 2 weeks

  8. same here, ive been using braun silk epil for 11 years now, no side effects, very convenient and easy to carry in your travel bag/office bag. the effect is as good as waxing, less painful, no mess. If you miss the fact that waxing removes dead cells as well, just scrub your legs/hands under the shower after u epilate and they will be as smooth and glowing as after a waxing session.

    braun silk epil is the best for me. there are various types, though i would recommend the green one, i dont know how the specs differ from the usual pink one, but i guess green is the best.

  9. oh yes… and forgot to mention, u can also do ur own bikini wax with the epilator, it comes with an attachment that causes no pulling sensation even on delicate areas like ur underarms and bikini line! cool… isnt it?


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