Shweta Basu Prasad Prostitution Case Exposes Double Standards Of Society



Shweta Basu Prasad Prostitution Case Exposes Double Standards Of Society


As soon as I read the headline regarding this incident, I immediately recalled the cute little girl from the movie ‘Makdee’ even without referring to the article. I remembered her because of her great performances in ‘Makdee’ and ‘Iqbal’.  Shweta couldn’t take the best benefits of her success and was not seen in many movies after that. She also tried her luck in South Indian movies and also on television but without much success.


Shweta Prasad caught

The girl who was almost forgotten by everyone came back into limelight when she was recently arrested in a hotel as part of a prostitution racket. Suddenly everybody started blaming her without even trying to know about the rest of the people involved. The public didn’t even try to know the causes of her taking up prostitution.

Shweta said that she had to sell herself as she had no other option left to earn money and she has to support her family. The reasons don’t matter as much as the complete acquittal of the clients. No channel tried to catch hold of politicians, businessmen or whoever else was involved in the case. The names have got to big as not everyone can pay One lakh rupee to call-girls. This is the amount which is said to be collected by Shweta from each of her clients. She was caught in Park Hyatt Hotel in Banjara Hills area of Hyderabad. The hotel-name and locality are enough to tell you the stature of her clients.


shweta prasad sex scandal

The so called high-profile names were let go of as it is really easy to victimize a girl and make breaking news. The men from respected families are safe and Shweta’s life has been ruined.

Prostitution in India

Prostitution is still illegal in India even though it is the reality of society and everybody knows about it. Shweta has all the rights over her body and it is only she who can decide what she wants to with it. There is no need to blame a girl who was just trying to support herself and she did not drag anybody to pay her. It was the men who came to her for her ‘services’.

I recently read an article about gigolos in a fashion magazine and one of the person told clearly that most struggling actors (both male and female) take up the profession as everybody wants to be with a known face. These struggling artists make good money by selling their bodies.

According to me, prostitution should be made legal for the betterment of prostitutes. In many countries it is legal and escorts get government-benefits as the rest of the working population. In India, prostitution is a profession which is obvious but still clandestine. The prostitutes are exploited by the people who give them work and most of them are not paid well. If government makes it an organized sector then it will benefit a lot of poor people because only NGOs cannot do much to help prostitutes.

Girls are caught and embarrassed in front of everyone while no one cares about the men who went to them. Whether it is famous names or ordinary people, society should learn to be empathetic towards prostitutes and not shame them. This is the choice of an individual and if they are not harming others, then it is not fair to treat them like criminals.

What do you have to say about this issue in India?

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    • Because we are living in india. Here for everything, girls are blamed. Girls are raped because they wear western clothes. Here not rapist but rape victim is treated cruelly.

  1. Anamika after reading this article I can understand the Quality of a person your are. I takes immense courage and understanding to support the issue on a public platform…I am so proud to come across someone like you at least as a reader of your blog.

  2. Thanks Sakhi..Wise She is not only al about beauty and makeup. we are much more than that…We regularly put across our views on any issue which we feel strongly about..we as a team discuss and come up with a post on it.

    We know many may disagree on it and we can have a back lash but what we believe firmly in we wont shy away from expressing it .

    Also, thanks to my team especially Maitri whose opinion mostly matches mine 🙂

  3. I so agree with what is written up by Maitri. Our society is sexist and it always targets the soft victims. The names of her clients should have been exposed more than hers. Disclosing her name and making her mispopular and infamous isn’t the right thing done by the media. The names of those lusty businessmen should have been exposed in the public.
    And it is such a great effort by Anamika and Maitri as you guys put up your views about such strong issues on this platform. It shows what you guys are truly made of. I so agree with you Anamika, Wise She is much more than just being about makeup & beauty. It is so great to see such social awareness that you are trying to create! So proud to be a part of this great team!

    • Media just need masala..they would have done the same if Sunny leone was caught doing this..Rest all these businessman are loaded with money..They just fill the mouth of media and policeman and ask them to not to reveal their name..

      So media is happy from both the sides.

  4. Very well written. Media plays such an important role. Where they keep people like Sunny Leone, poonam pandey in limelight.( sunny Leone because she wants to leave the life she earlier had and poonam pandey for exactly opposite reason!!) . And then they defame people like Shweta. Atleast they could have kept her name undercover.

  5. Hats off to you guys for bringing up such issues ! I agree when I first read about it that is what came to my mind as well, why are they covering up on her clients names just because they have power which is ridiculous, this is like showing just the half matter to public and keeping the other important part under the wraps!

  6. Nice article Ana. Im shocked to know that this Shweta is d child actress from Makdee. I liked her in Makdee & Iqbal. Its sad to know she had to go through this route to support her family. I dnt understand why the media hiding the high profile names who went to her. This is just half news/story v know. Not fair,this is bad journalism.

  7. Prostitution should not only be legal but should be taxed just like any other industry. Perhaps if businessmen were given a tax write-off for supporting the institution then might actually disclose their own names! Having said that, it is quite common for unsuccessful actors worldwide to turn to prostitution or stripping to continue to support their standard of living as the returns are higher than in any other industry, but along with it comes the risks of disease and social stigma. I am sure Shweta could have had other less paid but respectable career choices but she chose to become a prostitute, which she has every right to do so. Prostitution is never going to be socially acceptable anywhere in the world but we can at least fight for the consequences to be fair on both parties, not just the women. Bravo ladies, for writing and publishing this article!

  8. I would just like to point out that prostitution is LEGAL in India. A person can “sell” their bodies for money. However, all associated activities are punishable by law, and therein lies the problem.

  9. True..! It is never going to be considered a respectable job and i guess it shouldnt be otherwise girls might get tempted or might be duped into this profession..its an easy money profession but the disease and stigma attached is something which wont be accepted until the desires are just too high .

    After watching Mardaani i think mostly women are forced or duped into it..Cant say about this case though..still no body wants to be caught for sure in this profession.

    • I agree Anamika.. But the greed for money, status and luxury does provoke some girls to take it up as a profession. Prostitution and Porn films give easy money to girls. I don’t say that every girl who is in this profession must have started for money, but even in this incident Shweta specifies that she had no other option left. I disagree with this reason. There are other options for earning, though the need for luxury and status forced her to land up being a prostitute. The other options must have been the ones that required more effort and would have not been as rewarding (in terms of money) as selling her body.

  10. Happy to see that such things generate an amazing response from ladies. Just found out that prostitution is probably legal in India. But still it is treated as a crime and thats really sad

  11. nicely written. never knew she is the one who acted in makdee. I read somewhere like prostitution is legal in india but pimping is illegal. Also, some trust fund kinda things should be create for actors because many actors choose suicide or something illegal once they lose the charm in the limelight

  12. Anamika I have noticed that neither of the two comments I posted on your site today were accepted. One was for this post and the other was for the ‘How to plan your bridal vanity case’. The comments were neither offensive not abusive, so I cannot understand why this happened?

  13. I have a different view. In the Indian context legalization of prostitution will be a complete failure. Forget my personal belief that you should be able to walk n a bar and buy a drink and not a woman, my issue is the very fabric of Indian society. Consider the following:
    Drinking after age 21 is legal in India, still men and women are beaten up by goons and cops alike.
    Roaming around with a friend or a member of the opposite sex is again legal in India, still couples are beaten.
    In India there is no basic respect for women. In countries such as US, I could be standing naked in a street at 1AM – drunk and drugged, I can still call the cops and expect to be saved form any kind of molestation In India, if I happen to be not raped on the streets, I will be raped by the police themselves. Till personal judgements and moral policing is not made criminal, an law will be rendered ineffective.
    Once you make the flesh trade legal, no woman will be given benefit of doubt that she was forced into it – pimps and clients will have a field day.

    • True…but what I thought of it was that who so ever will enter into the profession will have to go to the legal way of getting a licence or verification by police..that might reduce the forcing.

  14. I recently got alot of shit on facebook from alot of people because of a status on Alia Bhatt where I said she is getting all kinds of offers from huge production movies and brands asking her to be their ambassador because of her influential dad……people didn’t shy away from calling me names because of someone like Alia whom they don’t even know so am writing this being apprehensive that here also people might find me offensive but still I would like to share my 2 cents

    I have watched Makdee numerous times as a kid and watched many of Shweta’s tv serials/movies recently and she is supertalented to say the least,her acting is brilliant

    but despite that,people like Alia Bhatt who are average/amateur in acting are served YRF,Dharma movies in a silver platter because of her very influential family

    I know many will not agree with me but that is how I feel, she is an amatuer,average actress and many people(especially the guys) find her hot because of her kissing scenes in almost every movie and well because she is young and cute

    she started her career with a YRF movie and she is just 4 movies old still people act like she is an extremely good actress

    when non-talents or amatuer-talents like Alia,Shraddha Kapoor,Varun Dhawan are offered huge movie offers and quickly become ”stars” because of people like Karan Johar who promote them so much then the real talents like Shweta and many other girls quickly disappear and take up such jobs

    People accept Shraddhas but reject Shwetas, nepotism is one of the worst thing to have happened in bollywood

    that being said,I truly wish she would have taken a regular job or started a buisness venture like many failed actors do

      • Thank you so much for your kind words Anamika di, I agree but still who wants to get into unnecassary arguments and get shit from strangers,not everyone is as sweet as you 🙂

    • I certainly dont believe in comparision but somewhere u r right.
      Practically talent is less qualified thing then influences…but we as a a normal people cant actualy do abt it..all we can do id express what v think…
      lets face it…reality is so very difficult to understand…….

  15. Hey!

    I was going through your article and what caught my attention was that you mentioned that prostitution is illegal. Umm, prostitution is not illegal but pimping and flesh traficking is illegal just like Sindhu mentioned in the comments. Ofcourse, the law users make charges with words like ‘public indecency’ etc but technically prostitution is not illegal. Let’s say it’s shady.

    How it is dealt with by law and our society is a completely different debate. IMO over-hyped it is. I understand the basics behind the reason that people getting into this profile due to some external compulsion, like like pimping but if it is a personal choice, then the matter ends right then and there. It’s a profession taken up by choice, that’s it.

    Our country has a long way to get free from the shackles of sex-shaming, slut-shaming and sex-oppression I guess. But I like the way Shweta talked about it openly. It’s a start in someway I guess.

    Nice article! 🙂

    This might give a better insight to the topic:

    Have a good day!

  16. I don’t understand why what happens between two consenting adults is anybody’s business. This is NOT rape so stop calling and treating Shweta Prasad a ‘victim’. She may be a victim of bad financial circumsatnces but definitely NOT a victim of ‘sexual abuse’ or ‘rape’. There is a difference and media and readers must understand.

    Yes, prostitution is illegal in India but does it help anyone in anyway? The more laws, raids and humiliation it is subjected to, the more underground it will go, but it will never cease to exist!

  17. Yes, legal prostitution can reduce exploitation of sex-workers. but If we talk about this incident, I feel this case is slightly different because it was her own choice to do compromises (sure she has rights of her body and she can do what she wants), struggle is everywhere and its a question that who can make this choice easily and who can’t. there are two angles, either one is forced to join this because of various reasons or second, one joins it because of his/her lifestyle. definitely for an open minded person its not a big deal also to be part of such profession and earn some money for family but society’s double standard alienate one who does such profession. this point is really important that everyone is talking about Shweta but nobody wants to expose those businessmen and Hotel authorities on the same ground, now things are just limited to Shweta, just because she is a famous name and she has provided a masala of Gossip to media related to celebrities. In this case its very necessary to talk about other poor sex-workers too. who face such criminalization and we should take then same views about those “females” who found to be part of such scandals often in news. but we ignore to talk about those “females”, generally everyone see them as criminals who run scandals, I think because they are not famous. I found this article important because it talks about other side & angles of the issue, which generally people ignore. thanks.

  18. hats off to you Anamika..we should blame those men first..girl was wrong indeed but what about men? why do they escape every time..bloody cowards !

  19. We live in a nation wer a girl is scandalised for her financial crisis n her personal option to live a life.N d same nation were a rape victim is left bleeding san help in a spibe chilling Delhi winter night. Nobody cared about her den Y do ppl care as to what shweta does in her life, untill n unless it affects the ppls life. Becoz ppl here dnt hv any other work other dan discussing whats cooking in d neighbour’s kitchen. Wat can b said, we live among hypocrites. Where gals r blamed n male chauvanists r supported by male chauvanists. Y dont ppl live n let live. If each one minds der own business, this world will b a much better placd to live in.

  20. Nicely written dear ! I feel people here r soo hypocrites, they exposed her name and casught her red handed only bcoz she is a known face, i mean why a single person has to face such embaressment , why not everyone, i used to stay at kolkata where nearby thr was a red light area and prostitues used to be there, and police station was only 1 km away, why they were not caught red handed? i mean why such hypocrisy, men want it thts why thr r prostitutes right, police are themselves involved and they take what we say hafta from pimps n all, it was really brave of shweta to tell the truth, not everyone can do tht.

  21. Ignorant article. Prostitution is legal in India. What is not legal is soliciting and running an organized prostitution racket. Legally speaking, she was arrested because she was part of an organized prostitution racket. I know it is a subtle point of legalese,,but it makes all the difference.

    And by the same law, the johns are not legally liable.

  22. I agree. It should be legalized as any other profession. Then people might not be disrespectful to any person who either provides the ‘services’ or receives it. And I see Rima pointed out that it is legal in India but then why are people acting under cover then ? I need to read up more on this topic. And yes she is such a talented actress wonder why she still fell short of roles!


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