Side Effects Of Fairness Creame


5 Side effects of Fairness Cremes

According to Wikipedia – Skin whitening is - Skin whitening, skin lightening, and skin bleaching refer to the practice of using chemical substances in an attempt to lighten skin tone or provide an even skin complexion by lessening the concentration ofmelanin. Several chemicals have been shown to be effective in skin whitening, while some have proved to be toxic or have questionable safety profiles, adding to the controversy surrounding their use and impacts on certain ethnic groups.

If you follow the purchasing trend of the consumer world attentively you’ll at once discover that of all beauty products sold in the market, the number of fairness cremes sold per day is the highest, which no doubt implies that the number of customers who wish to buy such cremes are also the highest. Yes everybody wants to have a fair skin. It’s a sort of psychological obsession that if you have a fair skin you’ll be on the spotlights, get more importance and get noticed even in huge crowds. And the prejudiced society furthermore encourages such beliefs. So, young girls and boys crazily invest in the fairness cremes quite ignorant of the many undesirable side-effects of such cremes.

side effects of fairness cream

Over the recent years however a lot of debate arose due to certain publications that were published in many newspapers, research journals, beauty magazines that tried to educate people on the hidden ‘darkness’ in the fairness cremes.

Let’s take a look at what it is that can make your favorite fairness cream harmful for you.

Here are the major side-effects of fairness crèmes:-

  • One major side-effect of fairness creme is that is that your skin with the prolonged usage of such cremes becomes extremely photosensitive. Thus the moment you are out in the sun a hell of a lot of problems start for you such as itching of skin, getting rashes, your skin turning red, blistering of skin and even getting painful sunburns. Using any facial masks or pack on such a skin or rubbing the skin even a bit may exacerbate the problem.
  • Secondly using fairness creme for a prolonged period may make your skin acne prone. Acne is one skin problem which everybody wants to avoid and it’s really pointless to welcome it into your life by using the wrong cosmetic!
  • Repeated  use of fairness cremes  leads to sagging of sin fast .One loses their youth much sooner .This is because skin start losing its tightness and elasticity.
  • In most cases the fairness cremes come with chemicals like Mercury, Hydroquinone and even steroids. If you expose your skin continually to these chemicals it may in the long run cause lethal skin damage giving rise to problems as serious as skin cancer even.
  • The chemicals in a fairness crème also lead to pigmentation problems and aggravate it like anything. So if you think that you’ll mitigate your pigmentation skin issues by using fairness cremes you are actually walking completely on the wrong track.

So these are the 5 major side-effects of fairness cremes which you should definitely consider prior to buying your pack. After all skin is a God-gifted asset and you must not take chances with your skin just out of sheer temptation.

Controversies of Fairness cremes

There is evidence to suggest that some types of skin-whitening products use active ingredients (such as mercurous chloride) and hydroquinone which can be harmful. Hydroquinone has now been banned in Europe and in many other countries can only be prescribed by a doctor for certain skin conditions.

A test of common skin lightening creams available in Nigeria showed that they caused mutations in bacteria and were possibly carcinogenic.

There is a growing market in skin lightening products that are toxin-free. However, they are more costly due to their expensive ingredients. Japan and the Pacific are big markets for high quality skin lightening products imported from Europe. 


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