Side Effects Of Gel Manicure


Side Effects Of Gel Manicure

Gel manicures are slowly becoming the rage of the town. Everyone young and old wants to try and is sporting the gel based manicured nails as they are shiny, glossy, almost bullet proof as they don’t smudge easily and make your nails look stylish. But there is a flip side to it which is not usually known to us. We must consider it before we go for a next round for this manicure.

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The gel based manicures are not that safe for the nails, specially if they are done quite often. Firstly, as per medical experts, it is necessary for the nails to breathe, which they are not able to if they are subjected to gel-based coatings. These take days to come off. Also, since we repeatedly go for these manicures, people are found not having seen their natural nails for months at a stretch.

Keep Gap between sessions

This is not advisable as with every gel manicure session, you are blocking the breathing space for the nails which harms them irreversibly. It also leads to thinning of the nails with natural corrosion of the edges and nail enamel. This is very much dangerous as it is reportedly leading to cancers and tumors!

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I am so scared since I read this online and wanted to share it with you immediately as I have my own set of friends going for these treatments on an on-going basis. Experts say that we must give a good gap like a few weeks to go for the manicure again as the nails might not be recuperating from the earlier treatment in a week’s time. We must, therefore take good time off.

Risk of Infection

Also, as the experts put it, we might let water seep into the nails when we peel the nail manicure coming off. This is even more dangerous as it leads to bacteria formation and causing fungus inside the nails. This could be painful and may take time to be healed.

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Even the UV lights used for such manicures are pretty dangerous as we are already aware of the UV rays effect that harms our overall body. While we try to save ourselves from the natural UV rays of the sun using sunscreens and creams, we are here, subjecting our bare fingers to this treatment. It uses UV lighting as a part, this itself is an alarming fact.

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Acetone Exposure

While we get the manicure done, we have to soak our hands in acetone. Acetone is another toxic substance that can decay our skin through regular usage. Hogging on to manicures every week or fortnight leads us to do this almost regularly. It is harmful for the nails and the hands overall. One must, therefore, refrain from this treatment too often and take it as once in a blue moon type of fashion statement. However, if you can ensure that the salon you go to uses LED lighting instead, you can still think of getting this treatment. Since LED lights do not dehydrate your skin or harm it alike UV rays.

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I sincerely hope I have been able to bring about a nice informative post on the hazards of gel-manicures. I am sure you would now consider going for a gel manicure at some interval of time. In case you have recently got one done. Please be safe and look beautiful like you are!

Have you opted for a gel manicure?

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  1. Thanks for this article! I haven`t yet tried gel nails , and I wont ever try it 😛 I`ll try and get some acetone free nail polish remover for the normal nail paints that I have to apply for occasions. :/

    • I have tried gel nails and i liked it but its so expensive and its not that popular anymore..Reason that everyone can use false nails so easily ..

      More so it needs lot of care 🙂


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