Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Base Dare: Unveil Review & Swatches


Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Base in Dare: Unveil Review

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Today I would review a golden eye shadow base from the brand Sigma Beauty. Its been more than 8 months I have been using it and I have had both love and hate relationship with it. Do check my review if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for Mac Indianwood.


Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Base in Dare Unveil


About Sigma Eye Shadow Base:

The Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Bases are made with a blendable, smooth formula to achieve a long-wearing and pigmented effect. Each base is paraben-free and designed to reduce surface oil with its water-resistant, silky-smooth and light-weight formula. Each eye shadow base features an exclusive anti-drying protectant lid.

Shade: Unveil

ColorDescription: Gold

Finish: Shimmer

Net Weight: .18oz/5g


Sigma Eye Shadow Base Dare Unveil ingredients


Price- 13 $ Buy eye shadow base from here .

My take on Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Base Dare: Unveil :

Packaging: This eye shadow base comes with a round transparent glass pot packaging with a black crew on cap upon which brand name sigma beauty is imprinted, beneath the screw on cap there is a small plastic flip on protective lid. I really liked the protective lid, as it would prevent drying of eye shadow base. The glass pot is slightly bulky to my liking. Complete list of ingredients is mentioned on the carton provided with it.


Sigma Eye ShadowBase Dare Unveil


Shade & Pigmentation: Unveil is a pretty classic gold shade that would suit almost all skin types. Its moderately pigmented, though its sheer, color is still buildable.

Texture & Finish: The texture of the eye shadow base is neither too creamy nor too hard, it comes with metallic finish with fine shimmers embedded in it. It blends easily without looking patchy. Eye shadows blend easily over it too. However, more quantity should not layered over, it will give stretchy uncomfortable feeling to eyes. However with time, this base dries up, I noticed it started drying up after 6 months or so.


Sigma Eye Shadow Base Dare Unveil


Staying Power: It enhances the wear time of eye shadows by couple of hours. It can also be used alone for just wash of color, it stays for 3-4 hours with minimal creasing.

What I liked about Sigma Beauty Eye shadow base in Dare: Unveil:

  • -Unveil is a warm classic gold shade.
  • -It comes with shimmer finish, shimmers are subtle.
  • -Its paraben free.
  • -It applies and blends evenly, does not look patchy.
  • -Net quantity of 5 grams is provided, which is huge.
  • -Its a sheer shade but quite buildable.
  • -It enhances the intensity of eye shadows worn over it.
  • -It enhances staying power of the eye shadows too.
  • -Compared to other brands its quite affordable.

What I did not like about Sigma Beauty Eye shadow base in Dare: Unveil:

  • -Its sheer on first application.
  • -Only available at Sigma website.
  • -After 6 months its formula had got drier.
  • – With time, once it gets drier, it does not blend effortlessly.


Sigma EyeShadow Base Dare Unveil



  • Packaging: 4.25 out of 5
  • Shade & Pigmentation: 4 out of 5
  • Texture & Finish: 4 out of 5
  • Staying Power: 4 out of 5

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? Yes I will repurchase these eye shadow bases in different shades.

My Overall Recommendation: Sigma Eye shadow base dare- unveil is a classic gold shade with shimmer finish. It has soft texture and though formula is sheer it is buildable. It blends nicely without looking patchy and feels lightweight on my eye lids. It enhances wear time and intensity of shadows worn over it. However, with time the formula dries up which deters the quality of the product.


Sigma Eye Shadow Base Dare Unveil swatch


p.s– These eye shadow base reminds me of Maybelline eye tattoos which are soft initially but dries up when left unused for long time.

Have you tried Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Base Dare: Unveil ?

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