Sigma Black Friday Exclusive Sale – Will We Make It This Time?


Last year Sigma left us disappointed by their Black friday sale when their server went down due to heavy traffic load.  I guess this time they are all set and  prepared.Site is working and sale will be on  for 48 hours..I am so excited about it ..What will you recommend buying from Sigma ? . Any particular makeup brush which you would like us to review ?


sigma black friday sale


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  1. I’d been up half the night trying to decide what i wanted! :-/ Dono wat else i need since the travel kit has pretty much all the brushes i need ?:-) Any suggestion ana?

  2. I recommend F82 and the essential kit 🙂
    I ordered F80, P88 this morning and I will order E25 later today 🙂
    I love Sigma brushes, good price and great quality! and free shipping is a great deal, for money that you would pay shipping you can buy one more brush

  3. Oh God. I was so looking forward to ordering it this time. Missed it 😥 😥 😥 😥 . I just wanted a F80. kisike paas extra hoga toh mujhe daan karo yaar…. :sweat: :sweat:


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