Sigma E65 Brush Review


Sigma Brushes Review

Do you  try lining  your lower lash line with eyeshadow imagining a thin line just like what you saw in any makeup picture but end up creating big horizontal lines ? Or you try a crease cut technique  in your eye makeup and end up mixing two three shades?  All you need is the right brush tool which will let you master the art with a little more practice.


Sigma eyeshdow brush

About Sigma E65:-

  • Unique Feature: Angled, thin and firm head
  • Function: Create precise lining
  • Recommended Use: Moves fluidly and easily across the upper and lower lash lines. Use with gel, cream or powder liners


  • Price $10


Sigma eyeshdow brush



Various Ways To Use Sigma E65:-


  • I use it to fill my brows. This brush can be useful for those who have thinnest of eye brows or have a small gap to fill in.
  • Works like a charm with gel eyeliners as it;s slightly tapered and thin which allows you to apply eyeliner precisely without much of an effort.
  • If you like cut crease technique then this is something which will really help you out.
  • It’s a perfect brush for winged eyeliner or for tight lining.


Sigma eyeshdow brush

Why I Like Sigma E65:-


  • Bristles of the brush is quite stiff (synthetic bristles) which makes easy to create thin lines 
  • It’s a multipurpose brush.
  • Even when I pick up lot of product on the brush, the shape of the brush never changes.
  • Head of the bristles is quite firm and it’s easy to work with it.
  • What makes this brush different from other brands such as Real technique, ecotools etc is that it can carry a lot of product .
  •  Shape of the brush is really small so you can build up the line and also create thinnest line possible.
  • I have washed it no. of times and still the shape of the brush is intact.I have experienced no hair shedding or shape change.
  • It’s almost like MAC 239 although its not that stiff or thin but definitely a great cheaper option.


Sigma eyeshdow brush



What I do not like about Sigma E65:-


  • It’s only available online and buying just this brush alone with shipping charges is expensive.


Wise She Rating – 5/5


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  1. Would love to see the crease cut technique in ur eotd Ana, plz try it sumtime
    n ya this brush is multi usable, i too have one for gel liner which i got from Oriflame

  2. I too love this brush! :yippee: Its awesome to use while lining eyes with eyeshadows. N winged eyeliner is a breeze with this one 🙂


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