Sigma E70 Review


Sigma E70 is a perfect brush for those who are fond of  applying highlighter on to their brow bone or want precise eyeshadow application in their crease.This brush makes crease application a breeze.This was my first pick when I got my sigma brushes and the simple reason is that most  makeup enthusiast wants to try something new and different all the time 😉

We have been reviewing lot many sigma brushes lately and those new here can go through the following post .


Sigma E70 Review


About Sigma E70 Brush:-


Unique Feature: Soft and angled beveled edges
Function: Soft application of color
Recommended Use: Use for brow highlighting or to blend the crease.


  • Price – $10
  • Washing – I have washed it twice and there was no change in the shape and neither did it fan out.


Sigma E70 eye makeup brush Review



Brush fits my crease  fantastically and picks up the right amount of the eyeshadow. Although this experience may differ from person to person as everyone crease shape is different.Best thing is the way it blends out the colour .With Sigma E70 brush you won’t be left with any kind of harsh lines, only thing which I wish in it was that it could have been little more fluffier than what it is .


sigma E70 brushes photos




What I liked about Sigma E70 Brush :-


  • It’s a multipurpose brush which can be used for blending out the dark crease shade or for highlighing the brow bone area
  • Decently priced
  • Soft bristles and picks up the right amount of color.
  • Blends out harsh lines beautifully.
  • It works equally well to give wash of colour all over the eyelid especially with shimmer eyeshadows.
  • No shedding or doesn’t lose it shape  after cleaning it


sigma e70+sigma brushes reviews+Sigma E70 eyeshadow crease brush reviews




What I do not like about Sigma E70 brush:-

  • It could have been little more fluffier.
  • Not available in India.
  • It’s a dense brush and takes time in drying when compared with rest of the crease brush in my collection.


Will I recommend it to others – Definitely! It’s a multipurpose brush which will be useful for those who want to have few essential brushes in their kit or to those who  want to built up their eye makeup brushes collection.

Wise She Rating  – 4/5


Have you tried Sigma E70 Brush ?


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