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Hope you all are doing fine. Today is all about Sigma Medium Sweeper Brush E54. I have preview this one along with the new goodies from Sigma. this one is most interesting makeup brush among those three I have got. Read on to know if this Brush serves the purpose.

Price: US $14

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About Sigma Medium Sweeper Eye shadow Brush E54

The E54 Medium Sweeper Brush features a dense, wide brush head ideal for exact product placement on lid. Great universal brush for cream or powder products.

Unique Feature: Dense, wide brush head

Function: Controlled lid application

Recommended Use: Pack and blend eye product to the lid for an overall controlled and blended finish

  • Free two-year warranty on brushes!
  • Cruelty Free
  • Exclusive SigmaTech Fibers

sigma e54 medium sweeper brush

My Take on Sigma Medium Sweeper Brush E54

I love doing eye makeup hence I always hunt for good quality makeup brushes. Long ago,when I have purchased my first ever slot of eye makeup brushes from mac , Boy! i was amazed the outcome but sadness is Mac is insanely overpriced in India, then I used so many other from different brands and still using all of them on daily basis.

However I have used this brush 2-3 times and It’s true to its claims. The handle of this brush is quite handy and easy to use. The handle of this brush is in sleek black color and it has a silver joint into it. It has great quality (as sigma has known for) brush which provides great finish and it makes application of eye shadow even and smooth.

It is great at blending and controlling the application of eye shadow on eye lids hence it is very useful tool that provides smooth and clean finish of eye shadow on eye lids. This brush is fluffy and has wide head that picks right amount of product. So no product wastage and less fall out of eye shadow. It is meant for both powder and cream eye makeup product, the outcome is super blended and high definition finish .This beauty justifies all the tall claims has done by the company, big thumbs up!:)


sigma e54

Ladies it is must have makeup tool for all eye makeup loves, if you get a chance online then buy this one for sure. It has priced than any other high end brush,and serves best to you in every manner.

sigma e54 brush look

Dupe Alert

  • Sigma Medium Sweeper Eye shadow Eye shadow Brush E54

Price: US $14

  • Mac 239 Eye Shading Brush

Price: US $24.50

sigma e54 eye shading brush+ mac 239 dupe

What I like About Sigma Medium Sweeper Eye shadow Brush E54?

  • Dense fluffy and wide headed brush
  • Great for shading and blending of eye shadows
  • It is flat brush so it takes right amount of eye product
  • Less eye shadow fall out
  • Provides smooth and even finish on eye lids
  • Great for controlling the application on crease area
  • Awesome quality product that last forever
  • Cruelty free

What I don’t like About Sigma Medium Sweeper Eye shadow Brush E54?

  • None,I absolutely love it:)

Overall Rating: 5/5 (Just wow)

Much love xoxo


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