Sigma Precision Tapered P86 Brush Review


If you follow us on facebook you must be knowing about our sigma brush review series.Below are the few of the brushes which I have been testing and using on coastal scent MAC dupes eye makeup looks.I just cleaned few of them and rest are still in the process . By the time I complete writing these reviews, rest of the  eyeshadow brushes will be practiced and tested at the back end.

25 Sigma brushes reviews with pictures

Sigma Precision Tapered P86 Brush:-

The tapered shape of this brush is ideal for application of concealer under the eyes and on defined areas such as the sides of the nose, chin and around the mouth.  This brush can also be used to perfectly apply concealer around the lips to prevent color bleeding.”


  • Price $14 excluding shipping

I have washed this brush twice and have experienced no shedding even on first wash.I use Sigma dry and shape of the brush is intact no matter how many times I use it. With the help of this brush, I don’t need to use my finger or sponge . As this is a pointed brush, it easily reaches areas of my face which are difficult to conceal with a clean finish.

sigma P86 Reviews+Sigma brush reviews

Brush is quite dense and can be used with dry as well as liquid products.Only thing which disappoints me a bit with this is, that it takes little more product than when using finger because of its dense brushes.

sigma tapered brush p86 REVIEWS+Sigma brush reviews

Pointed tip helps in concealing the lip area after applying lipstick especially for that clean finish after using darker shades.Synthetic bristles of this brush are super soft and will last for long long time. I have said this in many of my posts that sigma brushes are a great substitute for MAC brushes. They will last for long long time.I have been using some of sigma brushes like F80 since two years and they are almost new even now.

Handle of brush is light weight and when used it gives that professional feel.

sigma precision tapered brush - p86 REVIEWS

Will I Recommend Sigma Precision Taperd P86 Brush?

It’s not a must have brush but it will be perfect for those who do not go out without applying concealor and want to build up their collection .The finish which it gives is flawless but I still think it’s not a must have.

Have you tried Sigma Precision Tapered P86 Brush?


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