Sigma Small Eyeliner Brush E10 Review


Sigma E10

I first saw Lisa Elridge using this brush in one of her makeup tutorial and I was hell bent to get it.There must be something good about this brush that is why she chose Sigma E10 over MAC eyeliner brush?

Lets us know what is so unique about this brush ahead

About Sigma Small Eyeliner Brush E10 :-

  • Unique Feature: Thin and precise tip
  • Function: Precise application of liner
  • Recommended Use: Use with gel or liquid liners.


  • Price – $10 excluding shipping


sigma e10 BRUSH REVIEW+Sigma eyeliner brush reviews


It’s a fine brush for lining lash and water line and I especially like it for tight lining.So far I have mostly been using it with my ever favourite  Maybelline gel eyeliner for winged eyeliner looks or for Graphic liner  tutorials.It works equally well with cream , liquid eyeliner or even eyeshadows too.

So my filmfare,  I Mean makeup fare gold awards goes to Sigma small eyeliner brush  :D.Have been watching all those typical Bollywood award shows recently and missing my hubby who is so fond of all these things too.




Bristles of the brush are soft but firm to give precise application.It’s a great brush to have for those  who find eyeliner application a challenge.This brush gives firm hold and because of which one gets a nice clean line with in one sweep.

I have washed it two -three times and  while cleaning it the bristles don’t fray easily infact its quite  firm.


Sigma brush E10 Review


With its firm bristles it makes it easier to apply eyeliner since I get more control and this is the reason it is best for detailing.




What I like about Sigma Small Eyeliner Brush E10 :-


  • Gives precise application be it thick or thin line.
  • Firm grip
  • Great for detailing
  • Great to be used with liquid, gel or eye shadows.
  • Its much much better than those flat eyeliner brush.


What I do not like about Sigma Small Eyeliner Brush E10:-


  • Sigma brushes are not easily available in India
  • Some of you might find it similar to zero size brush but this one is definitely better because of its firm bristles which do not fan out.


Will I recommend it to others– If you like graphic eyeliner or detailed eyeliner look then this one is a beauty to have.Oh yes! even tight lining

I am also fond of Inglot bent eyeliner but this one wins over it.


Inglot 30 T

Inglot brush eyeliner 30t+inglot eyeliner brush


Have you tried Sigma Small Eyeliner Brush E10 ?

 Wise She Rating  – 5/5

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