Silver And Lavender Smokey Eye Makeup Look


As soon as Ana di asked me to do a silver eye look, I was like “what…..seriously..!!!!” and before I was about to jump and destroy my laptop that was on me, I quickly typed that it would be an honour. And it indeed was. You see she is my model when it comes to perfect makeup and as you can imagine how it felt when she said that. So here it goes guys. I really hope you like this.

I came up with a silver, lavender (because I just drool on it now a days, it suits my honey brown eyes like crazy) and yellow Smokey eye look. I know there are hell lots of colours, but as I am doing all zodiac eye looks, I didn’t wanna repeat colours much.

Silver And Lavender Smokey Eye Makeup+make up cosmetics

Products used:

  1. My home made primer
  2. Revlon compact
  3. Dazzler mascara
  4. Music flower gel liner in black
  5. Eye shadows from random palettes
  6. Babila eyelash curler

Silver And Lavender Smokey Eye Makeup Look Tutorial+make up

Silver & Lavender Smokey Eye Makeup Breakdown:-


  1. As always, prime and prep your eyes. Fill your brows and give them shape. This is a dramatic look and your eyes will be in spot light so good brows is a must
  2. Now apply shadow no 1 in the 1/4th of inner eye including the tear duct area. Blend well and add more till you get good pigmentation
  3. Now add no 2 in the remaining part of the eye. Its pure silver in colour and blend well to remove harsh lines.
  4. Now using no 3, make a wing and apply till you reach the no 2 shadow. Blend well and keep adding to make it look Smokey.
  5. Using no 4, blend your crease and line your inner lower lash line with an angled brush.
  6. Add no 3 in the outer half of lower lash line.
  7. Apply a black gel liner on your upper lash line in the outer half and extend till it ends exactly where your silver starts.
  8. Add loads of mascara.

Silver And Lavender Smokey Eye Makeup Look +makeup

Silver And Lavender Smokey Eye Make up+eye makeup

Lipstick is Elle 18 in rusty as my lip colour here. It’s a creamy soft orange with coral undertones. Suits my look here perfectly

You are done girls. This is a Smokey look but a simple procedure. It took me less than 10 min to finish mine. Since the look is so dramatic, I used a nude orange based lip colour and a coral blush to go with this. Let me know how you girls liked it.

I love your comments. Please do and let me know of any interesting combos you would like. Love you guys and di thanks for asking me this again. It was great fun to do… Muah

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    • awww…cho chweeeeeeeeeet………sure dear…:) anytime 🙂 thanks you so much…thats the best compliment any one can get 😀

    • i tried di 🙂 i suck at them 🙁 the light near my place keeps changing and i tried for this too but i could not get good pics at all:) will try my level best 🙂

      thanks di 😀

  1. Dharani.. U really do fab job in eye makeup dear… the pic is very clear which is making more beautiful :))

    LOve it ! Waiting for leo 😉 😛 😀

    • hehe….me too waiting on leo sush 🙂 and thanks sweety 🙂 i dont care if the makeup is not good but i love clear pics more than anything and i struggle hard for them 🙂 thank u again

      p.s.. when will i see your eyes ha


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