Silver Eye Makeup And How To Nail It


Silver Eye Makeup And How To Nail It

Few makeup trends never go out of the fashion and suits everyone, such is trend with silver eye makeup that is one the high end fashion statement.

You can wear silver eye makeup look almost in all occasion like glam evening, wedding, get to gather or any small ceremony, without giving it a single thought.

You can compliment your traditional wear as well as western wear with Smokey silver eyes.

Eye makeup

Also you don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to create the perfect silver Smokey eyes. All you need to nail a silver eye makeup look is right set of tools and techniques & Products.


Just follow these easy steps to give your eyes an edge with silver eye shadow and get set ready to steal the show

Start with concealer

Concealer is the first step of eye makeup. Cover your dark circles with the help concealer. Apply small dots of concealer under your eyes; make sure to blend it finely until it disappear, you can use your finger or brush to dab it well.


Apply Eye base now:

You can find out various eye base in the market. Pick a perfect eye base for you and apply it gently on your eyelid. Eye base helps to keep your eye makeup on place for hours. So make sure to follow this step religiously or else your eye shadow will end up as messy greasy layer if you do not cover your lid with an eye base.

 Base for eyes review

Apply shadow:

Pick your favorite palette of eye shadow. First take a light color like olive, brown, cream and sweep it across the lid and take it up to your brow bone. If you want to create silver Smokey eyes you can use purple or black color for this step. Now pick silver shade and sweep it across your lid, build on this with darker shades of silver in the crease area. You can use wet brush to intensify the colour. Make sure to blend the colour properly.

 eyeshadow india review

Apply Eyeliner & kohl:

Apply black eyeliner to perk up your eye makeup, line the inner corners of the eyes with a black liner, if you are perfect to create a wing liner then you can stretch the line out to create a wing liner look. To brighten up the eyes, apply a thin line of kohl on your lower lash lines. Use can use a hint of black shadow to create a prominent smoky effect, for this use a brush to pat in a black shadow and mark a line on your upper lid and below the lower lid.


Highlight your eyes with a highlighter:

This step involves only the inside part of the eye. Take a pink highlighter and draw a v-shaped shape only the inside part of the eye. Build it from the inner corner of your eye from top to bottom. Blend it well with the help of brush or your fingers. Highlighting is an essential part of any eye makeup look.


Apply Mascara:

Complete the look with an application of your favorite mascara. Sweep the wand of your mascara brush at the bottom of lashes and take it back and forth to create the magic lashes effect. Make sure to highlight your brow in the end (if required)

eye mascara

And here you go to rock the Party and Nail this look. Do share your feedback after trying this look.

Have you tried Silver Eye look before?

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