15 Silver Marcasite Jewellery Collection


Marcasite Silver…a new craze

Hello all ladies out here. I am presenting before you the beauty of silver jewelry, the collection I possess.

India is a land of jewelry. A huge market especially for gold. But in recent years silver jewelry too is gaining popularity among the younger generations. Not just white silver, oxidized silver too is in great demand.

 People are familiar with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls. Heard of marcasite?! Few might have. People crazy of Marcasite silver jewelry like me will know how great the piece will look when worn.

 I feel I look elegant and perfect only when I wear an attractive jewelry of silver. Marcasite silver jewelry is my latest passion. This new love of mine instantly reviews my mood. The designs observed in Marcasite jewelry are very delicate and feminine. The selection of each marcasite stone enhances the beauty of the jewelry piece. I always go for silver jewelry since it can be mixed and matched with almost all outfit for all occasions. The art work when it comes to marcasite jewelry is spell bound. In India these jewelries are hand made.

 The price tag of these jewelries are very affordable. It ranges from as low as Rs. 200 and may extend up to your maximum budget.

Identifying Marcasite Silver Jewelry:

Marcasite Jewelry is the combination of sterling/oxidized silver and marcasite (white iron pyrite). It is a grey lustrous mineral. The color of marcasite ranges from dark grey to almost black with sparks of yellow or gold throughout the stone. These stones were once used as a substitute for diamonds in 18th century. But now marcasite is bought just for its beauty.

 Care of marcasite jewelry:

These jewelries require very special care since it is a very soft stone glued to the setting. Care has to be taken so that no damage occurs to the texture of the stone. However, the natural luster of the stone is never lost. Cleaning is to be done with damp, cloth wiping off excess moisture off and then air drying. Do not soak the jewelry in water for cleaning. Marcasite should not be cleaned with cleaning chemicals. Marcasite jewelry should be shielded from perfume and hairspray.

 Below are some (in fact few) of the pieces from the collection I own. All range for Rs. 300 to Rs. 4000. I hope my collection tempts at least one lady of WiseShe to own at least one piece of marcasite silver jewelry. J. I have provided the approximate price details along with the item image.

(Few pendants with pearl, enamel painted, turquoise, only marcasite stones. Can you identify the bug pendant at the right corner, my favorite item. All pendants range between Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000)

 Marcasite Silver Pendants designs and collection+silver pendant designs

(Some more pendants. Hang this pendant with either a silver chain or a thick black thread chain.

All pendants cost below Rs. 1000. Silver chain costs about Rs. 300. Black thread chain costs below Rs. 50)

 Marcasite Silver pendants+silver pendants +flower silver pendants designs

(Petal flower, fish, rose pendants)

 Petal flower silver Jewellery+petal flowers+silver jewellery

(Few Indian traditional ear hangings and beaded ear drops. These ear drops range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2500)

 Marcasite Silver earrings+marcaste silver+silver earrings

(A modern design with semi precious red bead hanging. This piece cost Rs. 700)

 Silver ear drops earrings+silver earrings ear drops+modern silver  jewellery

(A close up of the ear hanging, the shiny marcasite stone. This piece cost Rs. 1500)

 Silver Marcasite hangings

(Leaf shaped ear drop. My favorite. I have another same piece with black bead hanging at the end of the leaf. The leaf ear drop cost Rs. 1000)

 Silver earrings hangings

(Peacock pendant with marcasite stone and multicolor enamel paint. This peacock pendant cost Rs. 3000)

 Peacock pendant with marcasite stone

(Few marcasite silver sets. Each set (a pendant + a pair of ear stud) cost approximately Rs. 800)

 marcasite silver sets. Each set (a pendant + a pair of ear stud)

(Another ear stud – pendant set)

 earrings silver Marcasite designs+earrings silver

(Petal Flower Necklace – Ear piece set. The set cost around Rs. 2000)

 silver earrings Marcasite Silver+petal flower necklace

(Coral – Marcasite silver necklace. Approximately Rs. 2800, ear stud also included)

 (Coral – Marcasite silver necklace. Approximately Rs. 2800, ear stud also included

(Enamel paint flower necklace. Approximately Rs. 2000, ear stud also included)

Marcasite silver necklace+Enamel paint flower necklace

(Stay tuned for a show case of Jaipur stones/beads + oxidized silver jewelry from my collection. I am a jewelry crazy woman.)

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  1. i just love these….i use to collect them before my marriage but i guess its time to get back to my collection .. :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: beautiful pics and choice Chandani 🙂

    Good morning Erica..

  2. I luv these too! but never quite knew how t tk care of them and maintain them…i have rings like these and they luk so elegant and classy…

    Love ur collection lots n lots Chandni…Wish u were here so I cud tk u to mk choices for me…

    I especially liked the petal set and the coral flower set…very unique and wearable..

  3. omg wat a pretty collection chandni 😯 i tooo was mad for jewellery :yippee: but wonder wat happened to that madness :-/ i have stopped experimenting wid accessories and Jewell :-((

  4. bery bery pretty collection chandni… :-)) even i have few of dese got last yr frm hyderabad. dey r so unique n luks so classy n trendy at d same tym :rock-n-roll:

    • Hi Chandni,

      Can you please suggest me some places where I can get reasonable marcasite jewellary. I have visited some stores in delhi ncr but I ended up getting really costly jewellary.

      Thanks in advance

  5. this article reminds me of my gift that my Bf gave me when he got his first salary… Its a pretty earring, which i love to death… Silver will be always special for me too, i prefer silver over gold due to the color , :inlove: :inlove: … loved ur article and al ur jewels


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