Silver Necklace & Bracelet Set From Craftsvilla.Com


With the beaded anklet  I also purchased Silver necklace with finely cut gemstones(INR 1540 ) and Silver Plated Handcrafted Bracelet  with American Diamonds (INR 1195)  from .

I was looking for a necklace  and a bracelet which I can wear with  both  formal and causal attire and more over I am obsessed with silver nowadays.Anything interesting in silver makes me buy it  especially toe rings (Check out 20 toe rings designs)  and necklaces :D. As usual I did find the product bit expensive but its the quality which impressed me and made me took the plunge.


Silver Bracelet with american diamonds+Silver bracelet for women


Best thing is it fits me perfectly and is neither too loose or tight .


silver bracelet for women with amercian diamonds


and this one is a real silver necklace  something which I can wear with all formal shirts and tees. .I liked the  quality of the gem stones in it and how finely they are cut.


silver necklace for women trendy best+silver necklace design+silver necklace price


and this is how it looks on me :).It’s a necklace which you can always pick up when you are confused about your accessories.


silver bracelet design+silver necklace designs+silver necklace price


Do you like Silver Jewellery ?


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  1. very pretty

    i though its ur gift for godh barai !!!

    I have some pretty fancy earrings made in silver which i bought from GRT jewellers in chennai..They have really gud collection..If u ever happen to visit chennai u shud try seeing the varieties there…

    • Hi Vidhya!

      we don have a go badhai ceremony though my friends did gave me a nice baby shower 🙂
      Chennai..if u visit then do contact me ..i will ask u to pick it up for me too because my possibility of visiting the place is quite meager 😛

  2. Wow Ani So simple & Beautiful…. 🙂 :thumbs up:
    By d way which lipstick shade u used in the pic ? 😉
    Its looking mast 🙂

  3. Hey Ana, very pretty stuff I must say!
    I’ve been buying stuff from craftsvilla for quite soemtime now, and their choice of products is good. I biught two pieces of jewellery for 1400/- both of them turned out to be really really sad pieces 🙁 I doubt if I will buy jewellery again..

      • I got in touch with the seller directly, stupid people were told me bluntly that – product aisa hi hai madam. I’ll inbox u the name of that seller, don’t every buy their products.. otherwise I love craftsvilla for their collections 🙂

  4. OMGGGGGGGGG…its damn royal sexy elegant and chic..A!!! :-)) :heart: :rose:

    Its looking very lovely on ur neck..damn elegant! :drool: :chic: 😎 :beauty:

  5. Loved the neckpiece 🙂
    I too ordered two sets of earrings from craftsvilla…got one…yet to get one…it’s reportedly missing 😛
    Chk out…it’s also gud place for crafts….you can also find Earth Store stuff which is somewhat difficult to find here

  6. The Necklace Looks Gorgeous on you Anamika Ji 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎
    The bracelet is so nicely crafted :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:
    How are you Anamika ji? How is chottu/chhoti? Eat healthy things at this stage :yippee: :yippee: TV serials me jo aap khate hain baby bhi waisa hi hota hai 😛 Eat Spinach as it is really healthy for blood 😉 😉 😉 😉

  7. Shopo has good stuff, but CraftsVilla has the same and more. Since CraftsVilla has much more shops on their site. The service with CraftsVilla was also great, they always resolve my issues and make sure I get my stuff on time.


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