simple beauty tip to keep skin moisturized in winters


By Niharika,

How to keep skin moisturized in winters with a body mist

We all wish to keep our body moisturized as much as possible.Here is a simple recipe for that

How to keep skin moisturized all day long

Ingredients required:-

200ml of rose water
50ml of Johnson baby oil
50ml of glycerin
Spray bottle

Method :-

1.Mix rose water, Johnson baby oil and glycerin together and pour them in a spray bottle.

2. Shower but before you dry yourself spray this mist on your whole body.

3.Dry yourself gently.

You are done.It takes just few minutes in spraying the mist and your body stay moisturized all day long in winters.

Note– 1.You can adjust the quantity of the ingredients of the mist according to your skin requirement.

2.If the mist is too thick then make it lighter by adding more of rose water in it.

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  1. i think u should own a body shop 🙂

    u know even i was a die hard fan of body shop one time like you ..:)

    so i can very well understand yur emotions..niharika has sent some body shop reviews will post them 2mrw:)


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