Simple Bridal Nail Art In Red & Green


I am a nail art addict :)  I think all girls love doing nail art in some or the other way. I love doing easy peasy nail art making sure that it matches the colors of my dress;). My professor used to tell me whenever he asked boring managerial economics questions “Megha ! Be creative in giving your answers”. I always wanted to tell him “Sir! See my creativity on my nails” :razzmad: .

I had done this nail art when I had to attend the function. I wore a heavy work suit with a combination of green and maroon. Let’s start the tutorial

bridal nail art tutorial  simple nail art design in red and green

  Step 1: Apply base coat and then apply two coats of red nail paint of your choice. Let it dry completely.

Lakme true nail art lakme true wear nail color red

Step 2: Apply green nail paint on the upper part of your nails. Like so. (I am using Camieo green nail art pen)



Step 3: When the green nail paint dries completely, use silver nail paint on the edge of the green one. It will create a nice pop.


Polka nail art tutorial +red and green polka nail art design

Step 4: Apply dots on the red part using golden nail paint. You can use dotting tool, toothpick or ball pen.

Step 5: After the dots are dried completely apply the top coat and voila our bridal nail art is ready:)

lakme sutra bridal nail art tutorial


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  1. u cut them deep kya mokp? ive seen in alotta ppl when they’ve been cutting nails deep since childhood it sometimes stunts the mom has the same thing..

    but i luv tiny hands..mine r like all over place..i want delicate hands!!!


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