Simple DIYs To De-Puff Tired Eyes


Simple DIYs To De-Puff Tired Eyes

With the kind of lives we are leading, we are very much into a state of stress and tiredness all the time. Being working, being a mother, handling all chores of home, whether a home maker or otherwise, we are filled with tensions and lack of sleep etc. This has made us a home for those pitfalls under our eyes that are now permanent residents of our face. Some of us have in fact given up the hopes of losing them.

Well, it’s not like that and we can still get rid of them and be like before. I know, it is easier said than done as all the beauty tricks would not take away the stress from our lives, but I feel a fear of having these eye puffs again would make us take less stress once we lose them!

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Anyway, if we can relieve some bit of stress using these methods, which are purely home-based, I feel we can help ourselves to a great extent.

Trick 1 Using Ice

Simple DIYs To De-Puff Tired Eyes

This method is for those who have just started developing those eye puffs. Just take one tpwel and place some fresh ice on it and place on your eyes. It would help the blood vessels to shrink and the puffs would be relieved. Ensure that you DO NOT use the ice for a longer period of time as it may harm your capillaries.

This is the simplest technique which even people with deepest eye puffs could use but just for relaxation and some bit of relief as this technique might not give you that desired results.

Trick 2 Using Olive Oil


This technique is soothing and relieving and makes you feel relaxed. Mix 1 teaspoonful of olive oil with a few drops of some essential oil like rosemary or may be any other which has anti-inflammatory features. This method keeps your skin alive and also continues to de-puff your eye until the oil stays on your face. I would advise you to use it during the night before sleeping as the oil would rest on your face for a longer time. This oil makes your blood vessels contract and helps you find a new zeal by looking at your de-puffed eyes.

Trick 3 Using Tea Bags

green tea bags for dark circles

I am sure most of you know this method already. For this take two green tea bags, you can choose a normal tea bag but it has the hazard of staining your face when in contact with water. You can also choose to use white tea bags also. Whatever you choose, just dip the tea bags in water and then squeeze the excessive water from the tea bags and put them into the freezer. Once chilled, put one tea bag on each eye for good 20-25 minutes and then remove.

You would feel relieved all this while as tea bags which have caffeine would de puff your eyes. It also provide a soothing effect. After you remove the tea bags, you would feel a new lease of life to your face with the eyes shining bright and reduced minimal de-puffing which is just negligible or even gone in most cases.

I hope these tricks help you in losing those oh-not-so-cool de-puffed eyes and you get back to your own refreshed charming self.

Have you tried any of these Simple DIYs To De-Puff Tired Eyes?

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