Simple Lilac Eyeshadow Tutorial


Post by Upasana,

Hii beauties !

I’m so excited to be doing this eye makeup tutorial  because I recently got my 88 eyeshadow palette from buyincoins, and wanted to do something soft yet pretty and a striking look ! Therefore, I came up with the following look ( on my friend Richa, Gosh I’m so thankful she lets me do looks on her 😛 )

Lilac eyeshadow makeup

What colors I used for this look ?   ?:-)

Basically I used a blue-purple eyeshadow for the base, a soft shimmery pink for the crease area. If you have the same palette then,

  1. 2nd last from the bottom in the purple line of 88 eyeshadow palette (from

  2. 2nd pink eyeshadow from the top in the pink line of the same palette.

So lets start with the tutorial 🙂

  • Step1 :- Apply the base eyeshadow ( purple ):-

Clean and prepare you eyes and use a primer if you have oily lids. Then use a purple eyeshadow with a blue tint in it, don’t worry if you don’t have such an eyeshadow, you can always mix both the colors 😀 , and pat all over you eyelid. Now using a fluffy brush , tone down the edges of the same (you can even extend while doing this ) to prevent any harsh lines, and after softening the edges, take a soft pink eyeshadow on a fluffy crease brush and use it over the edges of purple (this will make the edges look more subtle and soft) like this :-


Step2:- Use highlighter + kohl + Mascara :-

Nowadays, I’m usually ending the tutorial in like 2 steps hahaha 😀  , maybe I’m getting more expert with time 😛 to be honest I love doing all this. Back to work,highlight your brow bone with a very soft shimmery/matte eyeshadow (preferably something that matches your skin tone) and use it over the brow bone to highlight that area. You can skip if this seems unnecessary 🙂 Finish the look by applying kohl to you inner waterline, eyeliner on your top lash line (be dramatic if you want 😉 and make a winged eyeliner ) and finish off with tons of mascara ! for this I used Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in black, and Maybelline Define-a-lash mascara.

Lilac eyeshadow makeup tutorial

Some important eye makeup tips

  1. While using shimmery eyeshadows there are maximum chances of having fall ! so while using them, its sensible to either cover you under eye area with a loose powder or if you don’t have, try holding on a tissue with one of your hand and applying the eyeshadow with the other hand. These are so handy if you try, otherwise there will be so much of shimmer all over the area.
  2. If you have applied loose powder on the under eye area, remove it using a fan brush. Then pop up the under eye with an eye concealer and dab on some of your compact to seal the whole look.
  3. Use a soft pink blush on the apple of your cheeks.

I’m glad you read the tutorial, these are the final images in natural light :-


how to eyeshadow with lilac eyeshadow

Love you all for taking time to read the tutorial, stay tuned for more ;)  Take care !

Godbless !


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  1. Upasana….I am speechless. I just overwhelmed by your eye make ups!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :jump: :jump: :jump:
    where is the :worship: emocon Ana!!! I want it badly right now!! Its not dping justice to what I think of this eye make up!!!

  2. Luvly look Switty! so simple and pretty! i luv such looks which can be done with ease…m surely gona try this when i go fr a g for clumsy gals like me.. :-*

  3. As always the look is so amazing 🙂
    i love the falsies……wht camera do u use Upasna the pics come out so perfect…..

  4. Beautiful as always Upasana… :), great to know you used the buyincoins pallet.. because my first attempt at eye makeup was buyincoins and was a disaster… and i thought the pallet is not good hehe 😛

    • thanku divya 🙂 no no that palette is absolutely fine for experimenting :rotfl: you should give it a try again 🙂 :yes:

  5. Upasana, am your fan for the eyeshadow you do and the eye tute is the best i have ever felt….after seeing your tute, i have been tempted to buy a eyepallette….wtz recos you have for me
    88 pallette i want to go in for ..but from where…and what types?? (Warm, metallic..ultrashimmer…matte, which one)

  6. Hiya from Canada! Such a pretty look and great step by step. Do you ever review colored contacts in your tutorials or with various makeup looks? If so, do you like them?

  7. its fabulous……………………And love the loook 😛 😛 really ur friends veryy luck .. just jealous :bangbang: :bangbang:


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